Math Gnomes: Plus


I think Waldorf Math Gnomes are one of the most magical ways to introduce the math processes!  It all begins with a story! Once, a long time ago, there lived a Gnome King.  He loved the jewels found deep in the earth and asked for special helpers to fill his treasure chest.   Four very […]

I like Myself Project


This is a project from one of my colleagues – Jennifer Dean.  Her documentation of the project is so well done – I can let it do the talking. . .                 Thank you Jennifer for sharing your wonderful work!

Inspire School in Taos


  I just had to share a peek into the Inspire school in Taos, New Mexico. Inspire is a Reggio inspired bilingual child care. As you walk up to the front door – there is chicken wire running along side the railing with children’s and adult’s weaving.  So beautiful! Here is a weaving wave on the porch. […]

Boulder Journey School


Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Boulder Journey School Conference.  It was a wonderful, thought-provoking gathering.  I highly recommend this conference for an enriching professional development experience.  (And the thrift stores in Boulder are amazing!) I was taken back by the gorgeous environments.  I wanted to share a few glimpses into this […]

Let It Go. . .Frozen


The movie Frozen has dominated the children’s conversations and they absolutely love singing “Let It Go.” A few weeks ago I decided it was time to channel the energy into a collaborative art project. Day One:  I put out different shades of purple and blue tempera paint.  I added a pot of white paint as […]

Jennifer’s Handmade Twig Paint Brushes


I had to share the pure magic Jennifer Dean created in her art center! She had handmade twig paint brushes! The children had handmade paint brushes PLUS materials to make their own! Q-tips on a twig (wrapped with twine). Parsley wrapped on a twig. Cotton balls wrapped on the end of a twig. Look at […]