5 Ways to Take Your Sensory Table to the Next Level

  For over 27 years, Tom Bedard has been building apparatuses for the sensory table. And it all started with a bucket. The bucket answered a NEED at the sensory table – transporting the sand out of the table. Hello!  How many of you have fought the “there’s more sand on the floor than in the […]

3 Simple Ways to Get Children to Pick Up Loose Parts

If I were completely honest, I’d tell you I nearly gave up on loose parts because of the mess in my classroom at the end of the day. I remember seeing all of those beautiful photos of loose parts in action. I loved the creativity, exploration, and inventiveness the children were engaged in. The first […]

Loose Parts: Who is doing the thinking. . . .the children or the toy?

It is interesting to consider how the materials we provide children call forth thinking. For example, in the photo above – is the child called to think beyond the farm’s predetermined form? The plastic farm offers a child the idea of “farm.” It does not give room for the child to create their own theories […]

How to Engage and Inspire Young Children

I am super excited to share my guest appearance on Patty Palmer’s podcast Art Made Easy. Deep Space Sparkle has been one of my favorite go to blogs for years. I was so honored to be interviewed. Go HERE to listen in. . .

Hand Sewing for Literacy

When I decided to attend a NAEYC session on sewing with young children – I had no idea I would walk into a session with an author I love! In her book “Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make” I had adored the simple but highly engaging projects like the Superhero Cuff […]

Sandra Duncan: Classroom Containers as Invitations

This year at the NAEYC Annual Conference I had the delight of meeting Sandra Duncan. It was exciting because I love her book Inspiring Spaces for Young Children. Sandra is such an inspiration!  I asked her to inspire us at my 2017 Winter Conference. She said she wanted to share an amazing perspective shift in her session. Here’s a […]