The Sound Tile System: It is MAGIC!


I want share a real literacy jewel. This is an easy and economical system to set up. It can be used in multiple ways. I have combined two approaches to create a highly effective small group reading activity. The system originates from a book called “Right Track Reading Lessons: A Highly Effective Step-by-Step Direct Systematic […]

A Peek into the 100th Day of School: Freebies


We began the day with the “collection of 100″ each student brought to school.  I put out a large black construction paper for each student to display their collection.  I like using black as it really showcases the collection.  I used to have the children glue down their collections in groups of ten.  But now […]

Make Your Own Nature Folk


Making simple nature fairies and people is really quite easy.   Each one takes on its own personality!  I love the leaf dress!   This little one has lovely leaf wings! INSTRUCTIONS:  Begin by gathering nature’s gifts.  I had my students bring in things they found in their own yards and neighborhoods. I had the […]

GUEST POST: The Life & Times of a Beloved Doll

  In a small village in the north of France (not far from the ocean), lives a little girl in a big buttercream house. She has blue eyes, pink cheeks & long blonde braids. Every day she dances & sings as she plays happily in the garden. When it is cold or wet, she stays […]

Reggio Inspired – Lights


The following photos are from the classrooms at my school. My colleagues have created such glorious spaces.  I am going to post a series of elements. Today’s element is lighting.  There are two main types of lighting in today’s photos – twinkle lights and lamps.  Twinkle lights add a layer of magic and wonder.  It […]

Math Gnomes: Plus


I think Waldorf Math Gnomes are one of the most magical ways to introduce the math processes!  It all begins with a story! Once, a long time ago, there lived a Gnome King.  He loved the jewels found deep in the earth and asked for special helpers to fill his treasure chest.   Four very […]