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Transforming your third teacher (room) is something that can be as simple as focusing on just one area in your room and can change how your children interact instantly with each other and the materials!

The Third Teacher is a powerful teacher when remembering that setting up a room is not just about setting it up to be “pretty or cute” but to create a space that welcomes children to play, create, and interact with THEIR space.

The OU students in Tulsa, OK paired up with some fabulous teachers in Oklahoma to transform their spaces. I was so inspired myself to see the transformation! There are so many incredible details that they added and changed to the rooms, but today I want to share just a glimpse into some of the areas in these transformed rooms.


Photo Sep 12 6 48 33 PM


reggio remodel pic

Notice the simple movement of several items, especially the book shelf that provides such an array of books right at their level. The addition of fabric and lights defines the area while providing a cozy and comfort environment for group and reading. Decluttering the whiteboard honors this age of children and makes it more useful. What a lovely space she had before and now it is taken to another level!


Photo Nov 01 11 56 31 AM


Photo Oct 14 3 25 45 PM

One of my favorite things I love about this particular transformation is the movement of tables from long rows to put together and placed in different parts of the room. The centers become the primary focus versus the tables. It call children to come play and explore! The fabric hung that defines different spaces is such a beautiful element.


Photo Oct 11 7 54 43 AM


Photo Oct 14 3 26 22 PM

Notice the expansion of this construction area! Love! Providing a bigger and more robust construction area leads to a deeper exploration and building time. The addition of loose parts will enhance their constructions and creativity. The spool in the middle gives the children height to build on and around.


Photo Sep 12 6 44 11 PM


Photo Oct 14 3 18 46 PM

Such a great idea to repurpose a doll house into an area for documentation and books. When something isn’t working in your classroom for a period of time, simply moving it to another area, repurposing it, or calling attention to it may shift how children interact with this. This is simply lovely and inviting.


Photo Sep 12 6 50 07 PM


Photo Oct 14 3 18 59 PM

Notice how they moved Loose Part materials on top of the shelf with defined baskets and organized the colors and writing materials below. LOVE the paint swatches to help children match the colors back when they’re finished. Making them more independent when cleaning and working on those matching skills.

Thanks again to these fabulous teachers and OU students for sharing their incredible transformations. What inspired you most about what you saw? Share below in the comments and share your space!

BONUS! Want to go a bit deeper in planning not only the Third Teacher but planning your day to day in a Reggio Inspired mindset? Click Here to download a Reggio Inspired Planning Form to help you brainstorm and reflect each day!


You might also be interested in the article “Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Environment for Curiosity and Wonder“.


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