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Our business is built on the passion for the wonder and magic of early childhood. We believe young children have the right to play, to be collaborators in learning, and to dream.

In our experience, there is no cookie cutter formula for teaching. It is an art that requires incredible intentionality and heart.

This is what drives our business. We support teachers in crisis, fund projects, award scholarships, deliver free content, and donate to causes that are making a difference in children’s lives. This is what gets us up in morning ready to serve early childhood educators worldwide.

It is our deepest desire to provide the world’s best professional development at a price that everyone can afford. We want to exceed your expectations and provide a resource where you truly find inspiration and motivation.

We are not for everyone. We are a stand for a certain kind of education. We are here to provide support for those who find themselves losing heart in a pushdown era. We are here to give inspiration to those who believe children have a voice in their learning. Let the children lead the way...

Play is the heart of who we are. Play for children. Play for teachers. Play for us. Let’s bring joy into everything we do. Play!

We honor the journey as children, teachers, investigators, life changers, and advocators. We nurture children to build their own ideas, and with this, we challenge ourselves to be constant researchers and innovators.


Sally Haughey

Founder & CEO

Nicole Hill

Content & Special Projects

Abbey Haughey


Heather Andrew

Social Media and Content Curator

Jenni Caldwell

Customer Service

Liana Ling

Business Analyst and Marketing