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How do you use a pegboard?

PEGBOARDS! Yes! It is not just for holding tools anymore; it is a great tool for teachers as well! They are such a space saver and not to mention an inexpensive way to store many different materials and loose parts in your classroom.

You can choose to buy the hooks from a hardware store that clips into the pegboard and holds the materials, or you can even use twine or wire to tie cups and holders that you already have to the pegboard!

Ideas for Pegboard use in the classroom

Peg Board 1

Notice the mini clipboards hanging! Great for making plans in construction.

Peg Board 2

A great place to put a real working clock!

Peg Board 3

Messaging Area addition. Notice the keyboards below the pegboard. Fabulous Idea!

Peg Board 4

So many thoughtful writing materials presented in a way that calls you to explore.

Peg Board 5

Buckets from the dollar store for storage on pegboard. Great organizational idea!

Peg Board 7

Simple storage for breakfast and lunch utensils to promote independence from a young age.

Share below how YOU utilize pegboards in your classroom! We would love to see!

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You might also be interested in the article “12 Ideas for Storing Loose Parts“.

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Blog post about 12 ideas for storing loose parts