I had to share this fabulous provocation from Rosa Parks Early Childhood Center!

Whoever thought of showcasing light onto the table? Genius right? A few years ago, Fairy Dust Teaching gifted pocket projectors to Rosa Parks Early Childhood Center (They do not have smart boards, which is actually a positive thing to not have them for young children, but that is a conversation for another time)


What is a Pocket Projector?

Pocket Projectors are small projectors that connects via HDMI cable to most smartphones, tablets, computers, video players, cameras and more. You can project onto any surface or wall your bright, sharp images or videos.

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The Provocation

The teachers think of such wonderful and developmentally appropriate ways to use technology with young children. Natalie Macare, who has taught here for many years, used her pocket projector to take the children’s investigation with found materials and plastics further.

By setting out the found and recycled materials on the table with the projection of colorful backdrop, the children began building houses of light, exploring shadow and light play, and stacking and sorting around the colors of light, and much more.

It truly was a delight to see this in action! There are so many incredible ways to utilize light with children. It opens the door to curiosity! Allows children to ask questions, learn shades of color, and incorporate light in their play.

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Ideas for Pocket Projectors in the Classroom

  • Recording children building or playing and then projecting clip up for next day while they build
  • Letting children take photos via Ipad or phone on a nature walk and projecting it in a shaded place outside to discuss
  • Projecting patterns on the blocks in construction area
  • Projecting a day or nighttime sky onto ceiling in one area while children play
  • Project daily pictures/videos at reflection meeting wherever children are meeting

How do you use light in your classroom? I’d love to hear about it below!