Phew! It's finally time to say goodbye to 2020. It brought so many curve balls. It was exhausting and yet, there were gifts as well. It was amazing to see the incredible passion and inspiration from early childhood educators worldwide as they had to pivot their teaching practice.

I have created this free masterclass series to take you through my yearly process of beginning the new year. The new year is an exciting and potent time. This year there is definitely more to reflect on. I am so ready to bid 2020 good bye and move into fresh possibilities. I know for myself – I didn't want to step over looking back.

There are three steps to my process:

You can jump to downloading the journal as it will walk you through the steps. If anything seems unclear or you do not understand the question or reflection – I have created videos walking you through the process step by step. Enjoy!

STEP ONE: Every year I take time to reflect on the last 12 months. As a reflective educator, it helps me to take an eagle’s view. This year, more than ever, it felt important to take a look back.

STEP TWO: Next, after looking back, I turn and look forward. What is calling me? What’s next? Where do I want to spend my time? I lean into the possibilities for the next year. In this video I guide you through a process of unpacking what’s next.

STEP THREE: I have given up the practice of New Year Resolutions. Instead, I choose a word-of-the-year. I have been doing this for over a decade and it is a profound process. In this video I guide you through my process.

DOWNLOAD the journal with all of the prompts and more! Click here!

Let me know your word-of-the-year below in the comments!