In July 2019,  I had the incredible honor of presenting a seminar in Manila.  Mia Villavicencio, who is in my Wonder Tribe membership, was there and invited me to visit her center.  It was such an honor and treat.  Here is a peek into her amazing center!

To enter this center – we walked up some stairs and arrived in this open aired space.  I love how Mia created this outdoor space with all of the essentials of outside play!

children playing in the wonder-filled school in the Philippines

Water play is a must!

play kitchen and mud play

This is wonder-filled!! I was so impressed that Mia offered mud play in a space that is not connected to access to nature.  This is amazing!  Mud kitchens can happen even if you do not have access to nature.

mortar and pestles in mud kitchen

So much goodness here.  Love the mortar and pestles!

close up of mortar and pestle in mud kitchen

There is true beauty of mud play.

atelier in open courtyard

In the center of the building – the atelier situated in an open aired courtyard.  A wonderful collection of loose parts for creating artful self-portraits!

art materials

The presentation of the materials is so simple and inviting.  Oh the possibilities!

children's art

I love how the children are re-decorating, re-conceptualizing the plastic dollhouse.  Re-purposing is a powerful model for children to partake in.  And look at the sparkles on the canvas!

art materials and loose parts organization

A shelf holding offerings of art materials and loose parts for creating.  Everything has been placed so thoughtfully and intentionally in beautiful containers.

display of children's work

This is such an awesome idea for displaying children's work.  Buying a bunch of different sized bulletin boards and attaching clothespins to hold the work!  Easy and effective.

play corner in classroom

Notice the jenga blocks with the children on them!  What an incredible play invitation.  I also love the simple cardboard frames the children painted for the family photos to the left!

play dough invitation

This is a spectacular play dough play invitation!  Look at all the possibilities!  I think one of the hallmarks of an incredible play invitation is a variety of materials and textures.   I love the wood and metal bowls plus the variety of loose parts.

playing house - table setting

Another wonder invitation to play!

paint provocation

I just love this paint provocation with different recycled materials attached inside a large cardboard box lid.  When we demonstrate the possibilities of reusing packaging as an art canvas – we open up a child's use of resources at home.

This blew me away!  Look at how well utilized these folding doors are?!  Brilliant!

children's self portraits

This was such a stunning display in a hallway of the children's self-portraits.

Thank you so much Mia for sharing your space with Fairy Dust Teaching.  You are an incredible testimony to the power of wonder based teaching!  Your center is truly a place of wonder!