Light & Shadow Provocations – Rosa Parks ECEC

Last week, I mentioned that I would be sharing a few of the light and shadow provocations I saw at Rosa Parks ECEC. These provocations were magical and inviting. They also added ambiance to the rooms. As beautiful as the pictures are, they can only attempt to capture the magic that the “real thing” provides. […]

A Peek into the 100th Day of School: Freebies

We began the day with the “collection of 100” each student brought to school.  I put out a large black construction paper for each student to display their collection.  I like using black as it really showcases the collection.  I used to have the children glue down their collections in groups of ten.  But now […]

Math Gnomes: Plus

I think Waldorf Math Gnomes are one of the most magical ways to introduce the math processes!  It all begins with a story! Once, a long time ago, there lived a Gnome King.  He loved the jewels found deep in the earth and asked for special helpers to fill his treasure chest.   Four very […]

The Human Game Board

The human game board is so simple – yet so fun! A game pathway is created with laminated sheets of construction paper. I made “stones” that are leading to the Red Goblets. The beautiful thing is that the path can be set up anywhere in any configuration. We use a large dice. I like to […]

Dice Art

This is a very simple but effective arts integration idea for reinforcing number quantities 1 -6.   It is a great way to check 1:1 correspondence and number conservation. Each child will need: a dice, a construction paper blotter (Dapper or Bingo) paint bottles How to Play: Roll the dice.  I tell the children to […]

Make a 3-D Game Board!

This is another idea I shared in my Summer Institute.  It is one of my favorite math activities – a hand-built 3-D game board. The best part – the children get to construct it. Base – a shoe/boot tray.  This one is from Target and is copper. I have used cheap black plastic boot trays. […]

Easy Peasy Game Boards

In my Summer Institute I shared some of my favorite math games.  I love simple game boards for a wonderful way to practice counting and 1-to-1 correspondence as they move their game piece.  It builds the life skills of patience and waiting. I found that children love to create their own game boards.  It is […]

Number Rings

Several teachers in my school have sets of these counting rings.  These are Mrs. Winters.  I love her wooden cube with the number written on it.  The loose leaf rings are large (perhaps 3 inches) with the corresponding number of wooden beads. What a powerful way to present number quantity.  Love it! A basket full […]

Reggio Inspired: Math

Yet another peek into Rosa Parks Preschool:  Canvas board number frieze with real objects showing quantity.  And, of course, the glitter!  I love these little silver buckets of counting objects. Notice the tubes above with the number labels? And all these cool rocks.  Super uber cool.  A super idea!  Put an arrival question in a […]

5 Great Math Ideas

IDEA #1:  King and Queen of Measuring This is so cool!  There are many ways to present this to meet specific ages.  I love the idea of the crowns and even doing non-standard measuring! For more details go to: Deceptively Educational IDEA #2: Measuring Playdough Worms Any math that involves playdough is a winner in […]

The Plate Stories (It’s Math!)

My best ideas come in the face of disengaged children.  That happened a few weeks ago.  The children were restless and I knew that my math lesson was a real yawner.   On a whim, I told the children to pull out their white boards and dry erase markers. I demonstrated how to draw a plate, […]

Fly Guy Math

This is a fun activity for math.  First, I taught the children how to draw Fly Guy.  He is a very simple figure to draw.  Next, I had the children draw bugs with Fly Guy.  They had to write a math sentence to go with their drawing.  The room was a peaceful quiet as they […]

100th Day of School

beautiful photo by Kelly Corado Tuesday was the 100th day at my school.  It was such a great day with 100 day activities all day long.  My favorite part was watching the glee of the children as we released our balloons. It was so full of joy.

Domino Math

I set up this math activity as a workstation this week.  I found a great free download at this blog: What you need: Print the worksheet off from First Grade School Box (link above) Dominos TIP:  I told my kinders that they were to do as many as they could.  I had some students […]

Hands-On Addition!

This is so easy to do with existing manipulatives in your home or classroom.  I put a different manipulative set in each group (see photos).  I print and laminate an “Addition Mat” for each child.  We began with the number five and are working through the number 10 to start.   It amazes me how much […]

Ladybug Math

This is a cute idea from Mrs. Goodroe, the wonderful kindergarten teacher across the hall from me who also came up with the other ladybug math idea.  It is such a blessing to work with such talented teachers!!

Addition Ladybugs

I saw this idea in the hallway across from my kindergarten.  Mrs. Goodroe was putting them out on display.  Love it!  I just had to do it as well.  We did this as a small group activity.  The children loved it.  3 + 6 = 9 HOW TO DO THIS: Materials:  white cardstock, sharpies, red […]

Free Number Posters Download!

I absolutely loved this number frieze I saw in a first grade classroom in Switzerland.  I have made a version for myself.  I wanted to share it with you!  What I love about this number line is how it relates the number to something concrete that occurs naturally.   I chose images that are found in […]

Addition Made Easy!

This is such a simple idea!  I found it on another blog a while back and did not note it.  (If you know where I found my inspiration – let me know!)  I adore this idea as it gives the children a hands on and visual representation of the math problem.   I think it is […]

Make Your Own Math Games – Fit for Royality!

The following math games are wonderful for number recognition, one to one correspondence, counting, taking turns, and beginning addition. Addition – the game of friendship!  This is a fun little game to play and easy to make. It has three objectives – to practice identifying less than and more than; to add two numbers together […]

How to make a Chinese Counting Set

Inspired by the Chinese abacus (which they called suànpán) I adapted the Montessori Teens Board to create our own little counting set.  My objective is to teach the teens. I had my students make their own set today.  They loved it!  I think it is so powerful to let them make their own materials whenever […]