In my Summer Institute I shared some of my favorite math games.  I love simple game boards for a wonderful way to practice counting and 1-to-1 correspondence as they move their game piece.  It builds the life skills of patience and waiting.

I found that children love to create their own game boards.  It is so much fun!  And super easy, super cheap.   You can use a variety of materials.

Basically, the children design and lay out the pathway for the game.  When I introduce this – I model making a game.  After a week or two – I let the children take over the creation of the game board.

My rule is once the game path is laid down – it can not be altered while the game is played.  Each player gets a turn to create a pathway. (Two players = two games)


A package of wood discs from the wood craft section of Hobby Lobby or Michael's and you have a game board!  Add a dice and two game pieces – you are ready to roll!


Use river rocks to create a pathway for a game.


The large glass discs work well as a pathway on a DIY “movable-changeable” game board.


Another fun game is this:  roll the dice – move that many spaces PLUS get that many jewels.  Counting and more counting!  Woohoo!

Use your imagination!  What might make a nice pathway?