This is a very simple but effective arts integration idea for reinforcing number quantities 1 -6.   It is a great way to check 1:1 correspondence and number conservation.

Each child will need:

  • a dice,
  • a construction paper
  • blotter (Dapper or Bingo) paint bottles


How to Play:

  • Roll the dice.  I tell the children to roll the dice inside their hands.  I say something like: “Make a little peek hole and blow on the dice! Then shake shake!  Open your hands and see which number is facing up!”  This prevents dice flying around the room and landing all over the place.
  • Make the same number of dots on your paper as you see on your dice.  Roll a five, make five dots.
  • Keep rolling and making those dots!  Fill your paper.


This child ordered each roll of his dice in neat rows of dots on his paper.


I love this activity's ability to reach multiple levels of competency.   For the children who are still developing 1:1 correspondence – this is great practice and there is no failure.  Everyone is creating a beautiful piece of dot art.


Assessment:  I like to walk around and ask children to tell me the number they rolled.  I will move the dice to several numbers (dots) to further assess their understanding.