Loose Parts: Who is doing the thinking. . . .the children or the toy?

It is interesting to consider how the materials we provide children call forth thinking. For example, in the photo above – is the child called to think beyond the farm’s predetermined form? The plastic farm offers a child the idea of “farm.” It does not give room for the child to create their own theories […]

4 Steps to Your Greatest Teaching Year Ever

I have one of my favorite freebies for you – the Take One 2017 Toolkit.  It is a life-changing document that has transformed my teaching practice year after year.       I am so excited to share this with you. Feel free to share this with any friends or colleagues.

A Closer Look Round Up

I have read a lot of blog posts lately that have made me feel the need to take a closer look at the various approaches to learning. The post that really sparked this is from How We Montessori and is featured first. The following posts are ones that I feel really break down the Reggio approach and […]

5 Year Blogiversary! Tossing Glitter and Give-Aways!

I am speechless! I can’t believe it has been five years since I started Fairy Dust Teaching!  I had no idea how much it would grow. I still remember asking my daughter – “Do you think I will reach 100 followers?” Today Fairy Dust Teaching is heading towards 20,000 followers. Crazy pants! Thanks to you, my […]

5 Reasons You Should Take Your Class Outside

If you should ask me – What do you remember about your childhood? – I would answer: playing outdoors.  I remember, like yesterday, creating a little hide-out under a group of tall bushes.   I would spend hours with my friends gathering twigs and rocks to make those bushes into a secret hide-out. Children have a natural desire to play […]

Inspired Money for Teachers

I can not begin to express how much renewal and knowledge I gained in my two Fund for Teacher’s fellowships.  It was life changing at the very least.  This grant is tailor made for teachers who are looking for a specific type of professional development – heartfelt and passionate!!! I first applied for this grant […]

Soulful Sunday

The Call of Teaching I will never forget the moment I was called to teaching. I was pregnant with my third child and decided to give my hand at volunteering in my son’s kindergarten class.  The first time I walked into the classroom a rush of knowing filled every pore. I was home. Like many […]

Soulful Sunday

Yesterday I was reading a book (Linchpin) by Seth Godin and had this ah ha moment.  It is a book about business and as I read – I realized I was reading about the state of education.  I just had to share it.  Listen to this (I will be replacing the word “business” with the […]

Reflective Teaching – Free Journal!

Click on reflection page to download. I think if there is one thing that has made the most impact on my teaching – it would be my reflective practice.  At the end of the day I always take a moment to look at how the day went.  I do not linger on my answers.  Rather, […]

The Waldorf Way: Silicon Valley school eschews technology

Loved this segment about Waldorf education on NBC.  Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Art Center & the Benefits of the Arts

I saw this for the first time in a preschool in San Francisco.  It was an arts integrated preschool and was so filled with creative opportunities for young children.  They had an art center that held a variety of materials for making art. It a free choice center in my classroom. Things I have put […]

Matt Damon on Save Our Schools

This is from a hand held camera but worth watching.  We are in crisis as a nation in our educational system. 

Race to Nowhere

Tonight I finally had the opportunity to view the movie “Race to Nowhere.”  It really brought home the truth I know as a teacher.  The truth is simple.   I teach to create the love of learning for another human being.  This love will alter the way life turns out for the children I teach. […]

The Arts are Brain Smart!

This week I have parent conferences and I have been preparing for these meetings.  As kindergarteners going into first grade – every family wants to know how is their child doing; is their child ready?   I prepare a whole child snapshot to communicate where their child is at in cognitive development, social/emotional development, creative […]

Who is it that teaches?

Today I read this passage from Parker Palmer’s book, “Courage to Teach.”  It nails what I have been thinking about and I wanted to share it: The question we most commonly ask is the “what” question – what subjects shall we teach? When the  conversation goes a bit deeper, we ask the “how” question – […]

Why Educate?

To be capable of wonder is to be fully human.   – Carlina Rinaldi ?Photo taken by my dad – Arlen Fowler in Utah. Today I drove from Tulsa to Dallas and had a good five hours to think.  Lately, my thoughts swirl around our educational system and such things as the movies “Waiting for Superman” […]