A friend asked, “What's on your plate for this summer?”   When she said that – it hit me.   Just like having nourishing foods for our bodies – we need to have nourishing goals for our summer.   I wrote down everything I had to do on a paper plate.  Me oh my!  Super woman I am not and it was exhausting to see what I had on my “plate”.   I want you to do the same thing.    
Write down everything you have on your plate for this summer:
Write down everything from mowing the lawn, to cleaning your garage, to professional development, taking kids to summer camp – write everything you have on your plate.  (Click on the image to print out a copy.)
Now look at what you have on your plate.   I want you to identify those things that will nourish your soul – your spirit.  What do you have planned that will give you rejuvenation and inspiration?  When I did this exercise – there was nothing on my “plate” that was truly going to refuel me.   You see, as teachers, we must take time to refuel – refill our cup – so that we can come back to the task of teaching with renewed passion and inspiration.

Write down three things you will take on this summer to refuel your spirit:
These can be things like exercising, eating healthy, meditating, walking in nature, drawing or painting for enjoyment, dancing salsa. . . .
(click on image to print a copy!)

Print this gold plate out, write your three summer “soul food” commitments on the plate and post it somewhere you will see everyday.  Let it remind you that these are the most important commitments this summer.   Here's a transformational tip!  Make sure you do these three things before you go to bed every day.  Or do your soulful activities first thing in the morning.   Bottom line – hold yourself accountable for feeding your soul.

Treat yourself well – you deserve the gold plate!