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I think if there is one thing that has made the most impact on my teaching – it would be my reflective practice.  At the end of the day I always take a moment to look at how the day went.  I do not linger on my answers.  Rather, I write down what immediately comes to mind.  It does not take long to quickly review your day.  (This is also a great tool to use with student teachers in your care.)  Here are some of the benefits of a reflective practice:

  • your teaching becomes more like research – learning along side the children
  • attention is given to those areas that might otherwise be overlooked
  • the social and emotional climate of the classroom is addressed daily
  • teaching becomes more responsive to the children's current learning needs
  • you will develop an more observant eye in the classroom

    •  To make your own journal – print out how many pages as you will need till the end of the school year.
    • Hole punch the pages and put them into a notebook.
    • Use this notebook to keep your thoughts and feelings about how your year is going.  I keep mine at home as it can be very personal and I would not want just anyone reading what I write.  This way I am free to express feelings of doubt and celebration!  I do have a stack at school just in case I am feeling the need to capture my thoughts right after school.