Soul Food

Nourishing ourselves is vitally important to a fulfilling year.  It is crucial to being a teacher with vitality and inspiration.

True nourishment is found in the tiny details of life.   We can bring moments of grace into our daily lives.  One of my favorite tiny details is a special mug I love to have my coffee in each morning.  I love the way it feels – it truly nourishes my senses.  It is white, silky smooth, and my hand fits perfectly into the handle.  It holds the temperature of the coffee and cradles perfectly against my chest as I hold it near on cold mornings.

Bringing special nourishment for our senses is healing to body, heart and soul.  Did you know that researchers discovered fresh flowers reduces stress?  I think this is really interesting because fresh flowers are soooo nourishing to my soul.  I love fresh flowers.  I know one Waldorf teacher who has fresh flowers in her classroom every week of the year.  Parents sign up to provide them.
What are your sources of nourishment?   Today I want you to notice what senses are important to your nourishment and how.

  • Notice what delights your nose.
  • What delights your eyes?
  • And your ears?
  • What about your sense of touch?

Make a note of what gives you nourishment for your senses.

Notice how feeding your senses feeds your spirit.  Do you have a sense that is more important than another?  Smell is my dominant sense.  Do you have one?

Make a list of soul satisfying sense nourishment!  Put this list front and center.  Make 2013 the year of nourishing your senses.

Thank you so much for taking part in this series.  I have enjoyed the emails and comments!