Math Gnomes: Plus

I think Waldorf Math Gnomes are one of the most magical ways to introduce the math processes!  It all begins with a story! Once, a long time ago, there lived a Gnome King.  He loved the jewels found deep in the earth and asked for special helpers to fill his treasure chest.   Four very […]

Waldof: Table Puppets

Waldorf table puppets have to be one of the most powerful things I have ever taken into my teaching practice.  They are simple standing puppets.  People make them in a variety of ways and materials.  This table puppet is a part of a late spring Nature Table.  She is made of wool felt.  This table […]

Waldorf: Marionettes

There is nothing so magical as the art of the marionette – Waldorf style!  These etheric creatures are made of hand dyed silks and lovingly sewn into special characters.  For the newbie to Waldorf education – the lack of facial features can seem odd.   But wait and watch the imagination of the child and the […]

5 Great Puppets to Make

  PUPPET #1:  Paper/Cloth Rod Puppets  These are wonderful for retelling fairy tales. For more details go to:  We Bloom Here PUPPET #2:  Popsicle Paper Puppets This is one of my favorite ways to make puppets – let the children draw them!  They always turn out so adorable and the children are so proud! For […]

A Simple Puppet Show

This is such a simple process that produces the most endearing results!   I had each color family (groups of four children) write their own story. 1.  The first round I let each group write and collaborate on their own a story.   Each group picked someone to record their story.  My rule was that each child […]

The Three Pigs Table Puppet Show

Letting the children retell a fairy tale is very powerful in building comprehension.  The table puppet show can be very simple like this one.  I use simple plastic pigs and an old wolf puppet.  It works!  The children love it! The Three Little Pigs Table Puppet Play from Fairy Dust Teaching on Vimeo.

The Power of Table Puppets and Retelling a Story!

This is pure educational magic.  Pure gold!  Give it a try if you have not.  It is very simple to do.  I have made basic table puppets for the children to use but you could use dollhouse dolls and brown bear figurines.  The children just need something to “pretend” the character with.  They are not […]

Making Chinese Shadow Puppets and A Shadow Puppet Theater

Groundhog’s day usually falls during my two week unit on China.  It is so perfect to bring the Chinese tradition of shadow puppets to our exploration of shadows as we discuss groundhog’s day. You can make a simple shadow puppet theater out of a cereal box.  It is cheap and every child in the class […]