PUPPET #1:  Paper/Cloth Rod Puppets
These are wonderful for retelling fairy tales.
For more details go to:  We Bloom Here

PUPPET #2:  Popsicle Paper Puppets
This is one of my favorite ways to make puppets – let the children draw them!  They always turn out so adorable and the children are so proud!
For more details go to:  Mrs. Brown's Art Class

PUPPET #3:  Peepers!
Peepers are too much fun and super simple to make a bunch!  I like to buy knit gloves at the Dollar Store to wear with the peepers.  You can make hair and all sorts of things.
For basic instructions go to: Fave Crafts

PUPPET #4: Good Ole Sock Puppet
Some years, I have every child in the class design and make their own sock puppet.  It is such hit!  And then, there is making your own to go with favorite storybooks.  The potential is endless!
For how to make this swell guy go to:  Craft Jr.

PUPPET #5:  The Envelope Puppet
There are many variations on this method – and all are so dang easy peasy!  And super inexpensive!
For directions on this sweet puppy go to:  Twiggle Magazine