Who doesn’t just love “Where the Wild Things Are”? This is a wonderful book to bring a good dose of art. Just watch the story come alive in your classroom. . .

IDEA #1:  Wild Things Cardboard Tube Puppets
For more information go to: Funderberg 
IDEA #2:  Have a Wild Rumpus! Make Costumes!
This is such a fun thing to do!  I did only once but wow! It was the best to have 24 kids going for the wild rumpus!  (Okay – so it is an insane idea but fun. . .).
For directions go to: Red Ted Art
 IDEA #3:  Wild Thing Paper Plate Mask
This is so cute!  Another choice for making costumes for that rumpus!
You could use construction paper instead of yarn as well.
For directions:  Spins and Needles
IDEA #4:  Brown Bag Puppets
This to adorable!  Designed by Underneath Photos
IDEA #5:  Wild Things Guided Drawing/Watercolor
I believe guided drawings are one of the most important parts of my kinder day.  There is so much gained in this little activity!  This is adorable!
For directions go to: Elementary Artist
IDEA #6:  Printable Wild Things to make 3-D Picture (okay so much for 5 ideas!!)
Directions at: Story Time Crafts
A few extra bits of inspiration:
From Esty

For more ideas: check Crafty Crow’s fantastic list of ideas HERE