There is nothing so magical as the art of the marionette – Waldorf style!  These etheric creatures are made of hand dyed silks and lovingly sewn into special characters.  For the newbie to Waldorf education – the lack of facial features can seem odd.   But wait and watch the imagination of the child and the co-creation that emerges within the child.

These little puppet plays are very simple and the children see the adults moving the strings.  The children do not need the fancy, high tech tricks to be carried away.  In fact, children need the simple, natural goodness.
A group of marionettes in practice for a little puppet show.

A large puppet stage getting readied for practice.  (Colorado)

Marionettes in waiting.  These are for large community productions so they have simple facial features.  (New York)

Marionettes hanging for children's use in play.  (Switzerland)

The Virgin Mary.  So lovely.  (New York)
A few of Suzanne Down's marionettes – such works of art.

The puppet stage has been covered with a silk – marionettes hidden until the story begins.
There is such a respect and honor to the presenting of a play.  It is an inner quieting as the teachers begin to lift the silk to reveal the story.  There is a special, mysterious quality to covering the stage or table so the children do not see the puppets.  It is amazing.  Many children will gasp with delight when the veil is lifted.


Here we see the silk has been lifted and the story is being told.