This is a very fun way to produce a process based painting.
I love the texture and dimension it produces!

I begin with a canvas that the children have previously painted.  These canvases were painted with red, yellow, and orange paints.


What you need:

  • glue
  • liquid watercolors or food coloring (these will keep the glue transparent as it dries)
  • plastic “stir pots”
  • popsicle stick to stir the mixture
  • assorted materials to stir into the pot (beads, yarn, little tiles, buttons, pieces of paper, etc.)
  • plastic table cloth to protect your table (I buy them on sale)

The best part of this project is that the children mix up a brew of paint, glue and stuff.  I let the children squeeze their glue into the pot, I let them squeeze the paint, and add whatever they want from the buffet of materials.  Ooo so fun!!

The children LOVE making their own concoctions.  Pure bliss.

When the pot is ready – it is dumped onto the canvas.

The mixtures are drizzled, dumped, swirled and applied in all sorts of ways.  It was so interesting to see one of my students discover how she could create swirls of orange on top of the yellow.  Another student added a bit of water to his mixture to see how it changed his mixture.
Let the painting dry flat.  It will take up to three days.


It adds a lovely bit of color to the corner.