The movie Frozen has dominated the children's conversations and they absolutely love singing “Let It Go.”

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to channel the energy into a collaborative art project.


Day One:  I put out different shades of purple and blue tempera paint.  I added a pot of white paint as well.  They painted the first layer.


Day Two:  I put out the same colors and let the children add another layer of paint.  I encouraged them to make shapes and patterns with the paints.


Day Three:  I prepared a tray of loose materials – assorted beads, baubles, and such in shades of white, silver, clear and pearl.

Each children took a dixie cup filled 1/3 full of glue.  A few drops of blue or purple liquid watercolor was added.  The children stirred their mixture with a craft stick.

Next, they chose things from the tray and added them to the “mixture.”


The mixture was poured over the painting.


I let the children scrape and scratch the canvas with their glue mixtures.


Day Four:  I prepared dixie cups again with glue.  This time, the children added glitter – blue, white and pearl glitter.  They stirred their new mixtures.  NO color was added.


The glitter mixtures were poured on to the canvas with craft sticks.


The finished product!