There were some wonderful ideas for incorporating the families' presence in the classroom environment at Rosa Parks Preschool.  I think it is so comforting and homey for the children to see their families displayed in the classroom.  It makes a strong statement of mutual support and commitment to the child.

Family Tree: A simple tree painted on a canvas.  Each family member makes a “finger-print” leaf.
They include aunts, uncles etc. . . So cool!

Notice to the right, there are those wonderful branches with photos of each family hanging down.  Love. Love.

 Hopes and Dreams Loom:  I love. this. so. much!   I have a warm spot in my heart for woven pieces.  The parent wrote their hopes and dreams for their child on a ribbon and wove it into the loom.  This is so wonderful.
I would include the teacher's hopes and dreams for the students.

Here is their documentation sheet about the loom project.

Each family has a frame and a photo picture hanging right next to the “safe place.”

Another great way to integrate the photos of the families around a safe place.  Love the wheel.  A rich symbol.