My class was at library a week ago when I saw a student’s book.  The cover was similar to an art project I have done in the past but different (click here to see!).  I knew I had to bring this to our Three Pigs unit of construction.

 I love the purple background and multicolored windows.
What you need:
Purple, black and assorted colored construction paper.  I prepared the paper by cutting the black paper into various sizes of rectangle for the skyscrapers.  I cut the colored paper into assorted sizes of squares and triangles.
 STEP ONE:  Glue down the black rectangles onto the purple paper.
 Create a skyline.
 Fill the page to create the skyline.
 STEP TWO:  Add windows.  Add a few tops (just a couple – not too many!).
 STEP THREE:  With a crayon, add any desired details.
STEP FOUR:  Add touches of gold paint with a paint pen.
 A view of our display.

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