This is a very easy and cheap way to make an Easter basket.  It does require you prepare the baskets for the children to decorate.   It does not take much time.  You will need brown lunch bags, tag board (or poster board), large construction paper cut in half lengthwise, things to decorate (I purchased Easter foam stickers at Michael's for half price.  I so rarely offer this kind of thing that they were thrilled.  I think the joy is in the peeling of the backing!)



Step One: ADULT PART Cut the brown bag to the height you desire.  I need each bag to hold at least 6 eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt (5 inches tall).

Step Two:  I cut poster board 2″ x 20″ strips for handles.


Step Three:  I hot glued the strips to the inside of the brown bag.


Step Four:  Cut 5″ squares out of poster board.


Step Five:  Hot glue the bag to the square.


Step Six:  CHILD'S PART Using the lengthwise construction paper strip, cut fringe for grass.  I let the students chose what color they wanted or they could choose not to use it at all.



Step Seven:  Using a glue stick – rub a layer of glue on the paper bag.  Press the strip on to the bag, moving one side at a time.  (Press from inside the bag – the children did this so well!)

Decorate with stickers and drawings.