Toddler Tales ~ Making Reindeer Food

Who knew making reindeer food could be so much fun?! Needing a quick and easy gift for my toddler to give to his classmates, I settled on reindeer food. With only 2 ingredients, it’s so simple! However, I had no idea how much fun my little man would have with the process of making it! […]

Patty’s Room: Practical Life

Today I am bringing a series of photos of Patty Eaton’s classroom – an amazing early childhood educator/expert in my area.  It is a blend of Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Constructivism.  It is wonderful! Patty has agreed to co-teach an eWorkshop with me online – – -and it will happen next month!  Woot!  Stay tuned […]

Come Ride the Shoe Tying Train!

I am so excited about this idea! It is working wonders to get children motivated to learn how to tie their shoes.  I found a pair of shoes at the thrift store that I put wheels from a toy truck on. When a child learns how to tie shoes, they can demonstrate on my shoe. […]