Today I am bringing a series of photos of Patty Eaton's classroom – an amazing early childhood educator/expert in my area.  It is a blend of Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Constructivism.  It is wonderful!

Patty has agreed to co-teach an eWorkshop with me online – – -and it will happen next month!  Woot!  Stay tuned for the wonderful details!  It will be all about creating dynamic classroom environments.

Here are a few of the trays in Patty's Practical Life center.  I love the mix of basket, tin and silver trays for the work.

These trays provide the following benefits for children:

  • it develops concentration
  • it develops fine motor skills (to ready children for handwriting)
  • it builds eye/hand coordination
  • it builds dexterity
  • develops control of movement
  • and more.


Wide tongs to pick up small wooden blocks from one basket to another.
A wooden box of flour to spoon into the bowl.

A flour sifter.  (Love this!)

A bowl of rice to scoop with a little ladle into a silver bowl.

Two containers with cotton balls to pick up with the tongs.

Two baskets of nuts and bolts.


Colored water mixing tray.

Turkey baster to squeeze colored water from one container to another.
Tomorrow I will share Patty and Jenni's amazing art center.  So rich!!!