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How to Engage and Inspire Young Children

I am super excited to share my guest appearance on Patty Palmer’s podcast Art Made Easy. Deep Space Sparkle has been one of my favorite go to blogs for years. I was so honored to be interviewed. Go HERE to listen in. . .

4 Steps to Your Greatest Teaching Year Ever

I have one of my favorite freebies for you – the Take One 2017 Toolkit.  It is a life-changing document that has transformed my teaching practice year after year.       I am so excited to share this with you. Feel free to share this with any friends or colleagues.

5 Year Blogiversary! Tossing Glitter and Give-Aways!

I am speechless! I can’t believe it has been five years since I started Fairy Dust Teaching!  I had no idea how much it would grow. I still remember asking my daughter – “Do you think I will reach 100 followers?” Today Fairy Dust Teaching is heading towards 20,000 followers. Crazy pants! Thanks to you, my […]

What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Misbehavior

Did you know there is DNA of misbehavior?   In my teaching practice, I have found the only real way to implement effective strategies with children with difficult behavior is to understand the deeper levels of their misbehavior.   Sounds complicated.   But actually, it is not when you understand the DNA of misbehavior. You […]

How to Create Highly Effective Transitions

Transitions can be one of the most challenging parts of the teaching day.  One of my best tips is to shift how you look at transitions.  Clearly, transitions are the changing times between main activities and group times.   It is often transport time and preparation time. When you view it from this perspective – it […]

The Human Game Board

The human game board is so simple – yet so fun! A game pathway is created with laminated sheets of construction paper. I made “stones” that are leading to the Red Goblets. The beautiful thing is that the path can be set up anywhere in any configuration. We use a large dice. I like to […]

2014 Create Your Year Planner! New Years’ Resolution Solution!

Click HERE to download. This is my gift to you!  I appreciate you all so much! This playful planner has been created to give you access to an amazing year!  There are 71 pages of creating-your-year-goodness.  Forget those resolutions and make true changes! A few interesting things to note.  Did you know that a study […]

Featured Follower: Susan Meyer

There are people who cross your path and you instantly connect.  Susan Meyer is one of those people for me.  She has been a follower of Fairy Dust for as long as I can remember.  I think what really captured me was her incredible gift for photography.  It is stunning.   She lives along the Upper […]

Woo Hoo! Welcome to my New Digs

Oh my word!  I am so excited to welcome you to my new cyber home.  Jeni, the Blog Maven, has made some real magic in her design of my site.   I am so grateful for her hard work and amazing talent! I would like to give you a tour!  Ready?!  Let’s check out the magic […]

Homeschooling in France: French Fibre Festival

For the last 3 weeks, I have invited you into our homeschool & daily life in rural France. You can see those posts here & here & here. I’ve been posting the “extra” photos that go along with those posts on my own blog – you can see those here. This is the final guest […]

Dynamic Family Involvement Course Starts Soon!

When:  June 23-29 Where:  Online Classroom Cost:  Only $37 (deal ends June 14 at midnight) I must confess.  I absolutely love this workshop – Dynamic Family Involvement.   Hands down – it is one of my most treasured workshops.  Why?  Because I know the impact it has on each child’s learning.  Family support is key. This […]

Homeschooling in France: Our Village & Countryside

For the last two weeks, here at Fairy Dust Teaching, I have been giving you a peek into our homeschool & daily life in rural France. You can see those posts here & here and even more photos on my blog, Handwork Homeschool. Today, we’re going to take a little tour around our village & […]

Homeschooling in France: The Secret Garden

Guest Blogger:  Elizabeth des Roches Blog:  Handwork Homeschool Last week, here at Fairy Dust Teaching, I introduced my family & gave you a glimpse of our days at home. You can see that post here & more photos on my blog, Handwork Homeschool. Welcome to our house. We do a lot of learning, making & […]

Homeschooling in France: Part One

Guest Blogger:  Elizabeth des Roches Blog: Handwork Homeschool  My good friend Sally, here at Fairy Dust Teaching, asked me if I’d like to share a bit about my homeschool & life in France. “Sure”, I said, “why not?”  Today, I’ll be giving you a glimpse into our time at home – learning, creating & making.  […]

Two Years Later – Miracles Abound!

Two years ago Easter Sunday, my eldest daughter mysteriously lost all ability to walk, hold her head up – – she became like a limp rag.   It took nearly 5 months to figure out – she had an aggressive form of MS.  She spent nearly four months in a hospital bed.  At one point, we […]

Markets in Nice

I must admit, I adore the open markets.  There are so many!  Here is a little flea market in Nice: Okay this is not a market but gee whiz – the blue in Nice is amazing.  We sat next to the sea and . . . well . . .  experienced such warm and glorious […]

Going South!

 It is 7:00 a.m. in the morning and it is time to say good-bye to Paris — for now.  I loved our little flat in the Latin Quarter.   So bohemian. There is something about the train station that is always so exciting. I love the European trains.  We headed south to Nice, France. (Notice the […]

A Little Paris Sparkle. . .

It was misting as we walked around the corner.  Damp, dark and cold.   I wondered why I was out in the rain to see this famous landmark.  I am sick.  This is crazy. Nothing could prepare me for the amazing view of the Eiffel tower sparkling. It was stunning! It was so magical – I […]

Paris Coco Style

If Coco Chanel loved Angelina’s – surely I would.   And further more, Audrey Hepburn loved this place.  It was a must do.  My friends and I were running late. We hopped on the Metro and quickly found ourselves lost. It was 6:15 p.m. and Angelina’s closed at 7:00 p.m. Against all odds, we arrived at […]

Books in Paris

Okay.  I must make a confession.   I am a complete book-a-holic.  I have way too many and still – crave more.  Nothing thrills me more than a good book.  I went into this quirky little bookshop. The bookshop owner was British and such a delight.  And I found two great old books – “Education Through […]

Sick in Paris

I woke up Saturday morning with a high fever, no voice, and my throat swollen & on fire.  My friends, worried, quickly found a doctor for me.  And here is what he prescribed.   He said my tonsils were swollen and perhaps infected.  🙁  He also felt I could have the flu.  I am unwilling for […]

Tea Time in Paris

Ooh la la – tea salons in Paris! Today I went to Mariage Freres, which has been there since 1850.  They had over 600 varieties of teas from which to pick.  It was overwhelming so I just went with the first tea that caught my eye.  It was the “rouge d’automne the noir.  It is […]

A Paris Toy Store

It seemed like it would be forever before I would be on my long awaited trip to France.   It is hard to believe – I am here. Walking to the toy store.  Such a beautiful walkway. Looking in the window of the toy store.  Dancing fairies! Look closely and you will see her dress is […]

My Favorite Things: AlphaBeat

My Favorite Things:  What I feel every Early Childhood Teacher should have in their bag of tricks! Here is my first recommendation: If there was one CD I would recommend for movement with young children – it would be this one.  I first found this CD in my public library in 2003.  It has been […]

Resolutions: Day Five

Soul Food Nourishing ourselves is vitally important to a fulfilling year.  It is crucial to being a teacher with vitality and inspiration. True nourishment is found in the tiny details of life.   We can bring moments of grace into our daily lives.  One of my favorite tiny details is a special mug I love […]

Inspired Money for Teachers

I can not begin to express how much renewal and knowledge I gained in my two Fund for Teacher’s fellowships.  It was life changing at the very least.  This grant is tailor made for teachers who are looking for a specific type of professional development – heartfelt and passionate!!! I first applied for this grant […]

Resolutions 2013: Day Four

HABITS Fuel Goals. . .  Pesky habits!  When I hear the word habit – I think of all my bad habits.  But in reality – there are many more good habits than bad.  Habits are nothing more than the behaviors we repeat over and over again.   In fact, a habit is a behavior that has […]

Resolutions 2013: Day Three

———————— your beliefs become your values your values become your thoughts your thoughts become your words your words become your actions your actions become your habits  your habits become your destiny Gandhi ————————- Values-Based Goals Vs. Resolutions Goals can be thought of as stepping stones that move you towards your values.   The process we are […]

Resolutions 2013: Day Two

One Word There is something about the start of a new year.  It holds such power and possibility. Ending one year and beginning another is such an incredible opportunity.   I can’t imagine not seizing the vast open space in front of me – a whole year! As an artist – all I see is a […]

Resolutions 2013: Day One

A Five Day Series on Creating Your Year What, exactly, is a resolution? defined:  resolution 1. The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination. 2. A resolving to do something. 3. A course of action determined or decided on. Resolution defined is the act or process of resolving – the act of answering, the […]

Soulful Sunday

The Call of Teaching I will never forget the moment I was called to teaching. I was pregnant with my third child and decided to give my hand at volunteering in my son’s kindergarten class.  The first time I walked into the classroom a rush of knowing filled every pore. I was home. Like many […]

Soulful Sunday

Yesterday I was reading a book (Linchpin) by Seth Godin and had this ah ha moment.  It is a book about business and as I read – I realized I was reading about the state of education.  I just had to share it.  Listen to this (I will be replacing the word “business” with the […]

5 Great Math Ideas

IDEA #1:  King and Queen of Measuring This is so cool!  There are many ways to present this to meet specific ages.  I love the idea of the crowns and even doing non-standard measuring! For more details go to: Deceptively Educational IDEA #2: Measuring Playdough Worms Any math that involves playdough is a winner in […]

A Full Summer

Dear Readers, You might have noticed I have not been posting much this month.  Well, this has been for good reason!  I am in New Hampshire at Antioch University working on the first bit of my Masters of Waldorf Education. I am taking the summer sequence program. While I had Waldorf Kindergarten training in the […]

Rewards vs. Bribes: What’s the Difference?

How do you know the difference between when you are rewarding student behavior, bribing student behavior or holding them to logical consequences? This is really important because if you are bribing and bargaining with your students – you are in deep doodoo.  It often sneaks up on you and before you know it – you […]

Your Soul Food for Summer

A friend asked, “What’s on your plate for this summer?”   When she said that – it hit me.   Just like having nourishing foods for our bodies – we need to have nourishing goals for our summer.   I wrote down everything I had to do on a paper plate.  Me oh my!  Super woman I am […]

Family Reflections

Family Reflections is a process I developed to get honest and helpful feedback from families.   In my experience, parents often will tell me of an suggestion or issue in the classroom on a form that I might not otherwise hear.  I think this is because a form is easy and quick! While I send home […]

Shhhh. . .

Driving to my school today to get some work done, I felt this amazing sense of gratitude.  I am feeling so blessed by all of you.  I can not begin to express my appreciation and joy for your support.   I am going to offer a FREE e-workshop as an expression of my thanks.  Yup.  It […]

Grateful Beyond Words

One year ago this weekend, my eldest daughter lost all ability to walk, lift her head — all bodily functions shut down.  My son had to carry her to our Easter dinner where we all broke down in tears as she could not keep her head up to eat.  Lizzie living life with grace and […]

The Safe Pocket System Lesson Plan Packet!

Dear Ones, I am so excited to offer you my first Lesson Plan Store product! It is a lesson plan packet specifically designed for implementing the Safe Pocket System.  It has everything you need to have a visual system of building children’s appropriate behavior and social skills. This packet includes: a poster of the Safe […]

DIY White Boards – so CHEAP!

I was so surprised this week when I asked my colleagues if they knew about how to make super easy and cheap white boards out of white panelboards. They did not know! So I thought some of you may not know! Here’s the scoop: Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot (lumber store) and locate the […]

The Peace Table

One of the best gifts from Montessori education has to be the concept of the Peace Table.  The Peace Table is a conflict resolution tool for the classroom.  Traditionally, there is a peace rose that the children can present to a child they have a conflict with and “go” to the table to work it […]

Reflective Teaching – Free Journal!

Click on reflection page to download. I think if there is one thing that has made the most impact on my teaching – it would be my reflective practice.  At the end of the day I always take a moment to look at how the day went.  I do not linger on my answers.  Rather, […]

Collaborative Groups

I have been playing with my color groups and providing more collaborative opportunities.  There is this transition after winter break that begs for more collaborative work.  The children are ready for the rich experiences of negotiation, problem solving, compromise and all the rich, juicy stuff of working with others!! Each week I try to provide […]

100th Day of School

beautiful photo by Kelly Corado Tuesday was the 100th day at my school.  It was such a great day with 100 day activities all day long.  My favorite part was watching the glee of the children as we released our balloons. It was so full of joy.

Grandparents Day

Okay – I know I have been on Pinterest too much when I am thinking “hand held white board messages.”  But honestly, it was a grand idea for Grandparent’s day.  What I loved about it was that those children who did not have grandparents still had a cute photo opt that we could send home.  […]

3 Steps to Effective New Year’s Resolutions

Photo Credit: 1.   Start at the end.  Create a compelling future. One of the big mistakes of most resolutions is that people make declarations that have little or no passion.  Most resolutions are an attempt to fix or correct a bad habit.  The negative intention behind the resolution is a sure fire way to […]

Oh How I Love Magical Birthdays!

I just had to share with you the magical day I had.  Today is my birthday.   Woot!  I am not mentioning how old I am (do the math, my oldest child is 29 years old. . . yikes!) I am used to little fanfare with a birthday so close to Christmas.  Hey, people are busy.  […]

Easy Teacher/ Volunteer Gift

This is one of my favorite gifts to make for a teacher or people in a group (like Sunday School, Book Club, etc).  When I began making these in 2005, the only good mug available was at Starbucks.   It is still one of the best quality mugs.  But you can find lovely mugs at Target […]

Class Holiday Card

This is a super simple idea for making a class card.  I am making them to go on the parent gifts.  I have a download of my letter signs for you.  Please click this link to download:  Happy Holiday Sign I went online to Walgreens and added the border.  They have a 50% off special […]

Missing My Sweet Cat

It happened very suddenly.  Last week we thought my cat had been in a cat fight but it turned out he was in the final stages of cancer (Feline Lymphoma).  Yesterday we chose to put him down.  He declined rapidly and did not respond to steroids or other treatments.  We sought the opinion of two […]

Guest Blogger: Kerry Weisner from Discipline Answers

Happy Sunday!  I am so excited to share a wonderful resource with you.  I met Kerry in my e-course A Dash of Power: The Heart of Classroom Management.   She shared the blog she maintains and it is packed with rich and wonderful classroom management strategies and techniques. Below, she shares a comprehensive list of procedures […]

The Waldorf Way: Silicon Valley school eschews technology

Loved this segment about Waldorf education on NBC.  Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Art Center & the Benefits of the Arts

I saw this for the first time in a preschool in San Francisco.  It was an arts integrated preschool and was so filled with creative opportunities for young children.  They had an art center that held a variety of materials for making art. It a free choice center in my classroom. Things I have put […]

Motivation Magic!

Good Morning!  Einstein, my sweet cat, says “Happy Sunday!”  Of course, everyday is the sabbath for Einstein.  😉 I have a trick to keeping the classroom tidy and clean.  It works wonders!  I use two strategies – procedures and group tally marks. PROCEDURE STRATEGY: Clear procedures save hours of struggle in the classroom.  It is […]

Preparing For My Week

Happy Sunday!  How is your Sunday going?  I love Sundays! I don’t know about you – but Sunday is a critical day in preparing for my school week.  Here is my Sunday essentials: WEEK OF MEALS:  I plan, shop, and cook my entire week of breakfast and lunches!  This week I am making pumpkin spice […]

Come Ride the Shoe Tying Train!

I am so excited about this idea! It is working wonders to get children motivated to learn how to tie their shoes.  I found a pair of shoes at the thrift store that I put wheels from a toy truck on. When a child learns how to tie shoes, they can demonstrate on my shoe. […]

A Simple Gift

When my latest intern’s last day was near, I wanted to do something special.  Stephanie is one of those people who really adores the children.   For real.   I just knew she would be like me and want something that had the touch of the children.   I also wanted it to endure – so it couldn’t […]

My Best Friend, I Miss You

Today, it hit me.  My sweet daughter has been given another chance at life with the amazing drugs for MS.  I am on my knees in gratitude.  Lizzie is walking with a cane, back at work this week and improving daily.  While there are still impairments, her quality of life has returned. My sister, on […]

Matt Damon on Save Our Schools

This is from a hand held camera but worth watching.  We are in crisis as a nation in our educational system. 

With Deep Gratitude

I am so grateful to report to you that Lizzie is improving!  She has been home now for three weeks and we have already seen great progress!  It is amazing!  She has gone from being wheelchair bound to using a walker.  In fact, yesterday she held her father’s arm and walked without her walker.  We […]

Make Your Own Easy Peasy Birthday Cape!

I had this brilliant idea this summer and it worked!  Woot!  (Don’t you love it when an great idea really works out?) I went to Target and purchased the cheap tea towels (4 or 6 towels for $3.99).  I purchased enough for every student in my class.   I dyed them with Rit Dye in the […]

Homeward Bound

It has been an amazing experience to be at the famous Mayo Clinic.  Lizzie was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital.  The treatment we received was world class from the moment we entered the hospital.  For example – in her room she has total control of the temperature and lights. Every room has its own refrigerator, […]

On the Road!

Lizzie and myself before the strange brain lesions. I am so excited to let you know that we are taking my daughter to Mayo Clinic tomorrow, Thursday.  We will drive her there (a little challenge) and then they will admit her to the hospital.  Yay!  This is what we have been waiting for – so […]

Bring on the Learning Revolution!

Sir Ken asserts we need a revolution.  This is an outstanding discourse on the current state of affairs in American education!  I must warn you it is 17 minutes long but worth the watch.  Sir Ken brings up several key points about our cultural dispositions that must be confronted. One point that I feel is […]

A Great Way to Spend the Day

Today I am off to Oklahoma City to the State Department of Education to serve as a judge for the State Teacher of the Year selection committee.  Today we will choose the final 6 candidates from the State’s pool of district winners. This is my second invitation to serve on this committee.  It is such […]

Birthday Rocks!

This idea came from a five year old during our Trading Post.  He said to me, “I want a birthday rock.” “A birthday rock?  Where do you get one?”  I inquired. “There.” He said as he pointed to my stack of stones. One a grand idea!  I am preparing materials for next year and I […]

New Diagnosis for My Daughter

This photo was taken the day of the new diagnosis a week ago. Dear Readers, I wanted to give you the latest on my sweet daughter.  A week ago Wednesday the doctor did a MRI that came back with an alarming number of new lesions on her brain.  Immediately, the doctor called in a MS […]

End of the Year Kid Interview

I found this interview several years back and love capturing the children’s responses.  Some of the things they say are priceless.  It makes a great glimpse into the way they were thinking at this age.  I put it in their class photo albums. Examples of their responses: What would be the best thing someone could […]

Update on My Daughter

Thank you so much for all the love, emails, messages of prayer and thoughts for my family and daughter.  It has meant so much to us all.  I wanted to let you know that my daughter was admitted into the hospital today for steroid infusions, further testing (more MRI’s and such) and finally, rehab to […]

A Momma’s Tears

My Lizzie Lou It has been a challenging weekend.  My daughter who was recently diagnosed with MS – lost the ability to walk with cane.  Her muscle strength is gone.  She cannot use her left leg.  She says it is like lead.  Her feet feel like ice blocks.  It appears her MS is taking an […]

One Day at a Time

My Heart I have been intending to post for the last few days but my heart has been focused else where.  Last week my eldest daughter received a diagnosis of MS.  The most difficult part has been the progressive nature of her disease and that she went from fully able bodied one month ago to […]


Photo taken at Ten Thousand Waves Spa, 10/29/10 It has been a difficult week.  My daughter, a teacher herself, has had an unusual onset of numbness on the left side of her body.  She is undergoing testing and we are confident we will find the cause.  But it reminded me of how important self care […]

Check Out This New Online Magazine!!

Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie has just published a new online magazine called The Wonder of Childhood.   It has five magazine sections – Parenting, Nourishment, Living, Education and Story.  This journal is filled with wonderful articles from people all over the United States, including myself!  I was so honored and inspired when Lisa asked me to […]

Simple Awe

Today while observing a two year old exploring a church nursery – I couldn’t help but notice her simple awe in everything she encountered.  There was this overflowing joy in just meeting the next thing to explore.  I quickly grabbed my camera and began capturing the gestures of joy she made.   I wondered as […]

Race to Nowhere

Tonight I finally had the opportunity to view the movie “Race to Nowhere.”  It really brought home the truth I know as a teacher.  The truth is simple.   I teach to create the love of learning for another human being.  This love will alter the way life turns out for the children I teach. […]

The Arts are Brain Smart!

This week I have parent conferences and I have been preparing for these meetings.  As kindergarteners going into first grade – every family wants to know how is their child doing; is their child ready?   I prepare a whole child snapshot to communicate where their child is at in cognitive development, social/emotional development, creative […]

The Sweet Delicious Details of Life

Where does love live?  On February 14?  We celebrate love every Valentine’s day with chocolates, bunches of roses, little notes of love and oh yes,  those expensive fufu meals.   But is this really love?  Maybe this is the mass market wrap it, stamp it and sell it kind of love.  Nothing wrong with it. Can’t […]

Sipping Education

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel” Socrates   Recently a friend of mine told me she had roasted her own coffee.  Immediately, I was going to try it myself.  As an avid and committed coffee drinker, I love the process of making coffee.  Oh by how I love […]

Who is it that teaches?

Today I read this passage from Parker Palmer’s book, “Courage to Teach.”  It nails what I have been thinking about and I wanted to share it: The question we most commonly ask is the “what” question – what subjects shall we teach? When the  conversation goes a bit deeper, we ask the “how” question – […]

Good Teaching Scents!

According the Rudolph Steiner, the sense of smell has a direct impact on memory and thus is a great ally in the educational process.  However, he does warn to not over do it.  I think it is important to find subtle smells and use sparingly.  Remember that an adult’s sense of smell is much duller […]

No More Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light Behavior Management Plan!

The Safe Keeper System I have tried the famous Red Light Classroom Management plan that is used in classrooms across America.   (Every child begins each day on a green light.  Certain behaviors and choices will change their light to yellow or red.  Usually, yellow and red lights had consequences attached to them like loss […]

Lunch at a Biodynamic Farm

This week I had the pleasure of a delicious lunch at my friend Sue’s biodynamic farm – Turtle Barn Farm.     Sue still has winter lettuce to pick.   We were each given a bowl to go out and pick our own lunch! What fun! The leaves were so tender and beautiful! Roasted chestnuts […]

Make a Madonna Shrine

This is a sweet project for families over the holidays.  A few years ago I had my mother, father and children all making one.  They all still have their work displayed in their homes!!  I also chose this as a project at the museum with kindergarten age children.    What you will need: a shell […]

My Twelve Holy Nights Notebook and Additional Resources

Over the last 10 years, I have developed my own creative process to the Twelve Holy Nights practice.  As a multimedia artist, the process is one of bringing my inner life to paper.   At the end of the twelve days I have a resource to look at and be inspired by all year long. […]

The Twelve Holy Nights

The 12 holy nights begin December 26 and goes until The Three Kings day on January 6.  In my Waldorf teacher training, one of my mentors told me how this is the most powerful time to create the following year.  Each of the holy nights represents a month in the coming year (sequentially).  During each […]

Why Educate?

To be capable of wonder is to be fully human.   – Carlina Rinaldi ?Photo taken by my dad – Arlen Fowler in Utah. Today I drove from Tulsa to Dallas and had a good five hours to think.  Lately, my thoughts swirl around our educational system and such things as the movies “Waiting for Superman” […]

Another Peek into a Kindergarten in Switzerland

 The sheer hanging drape was painted by the children and then used as a room divider.  The teacher told me she purchased the drape from IKEA. I love how they used so much wood and natural tones.  You do not see a lot of plastic!   Now this is a market!  Look at all the […]

New York, New York!

You might have noticed I have not posted as much in the last 5 days. . . . I had every intention of posting while attending a workshop in New York City.   That said, I just had to share a few of the highlights of my trip.   (I even found a few cool projects. . […]

Birthday Fairy Dust!

Birthdays in the kindergarten are a very big deal!  It is those small details that make this day special.  Here are some photos of what I have done and a few things from other classrooms. Birthday Banner for birthday child.  I will post later in the week on how to make this simple banner. Detail […]

A Peek into a First Grade Classroom in Switzerland

Here is a little tour of a first grade classroom I visited in Switzerland.  There were so many great ideas.  Outside the classroom this sun greeted students with their names. This is the helper “chart” if you will.  I love this idea! The Magical Alphabet chart!  I have made my own version of this.  Each […]

Weaving Curriculum in Switzerland Kindergarten

The classroom I visited in Switzerland was a multi-age classroom.  There was a completion project before going on to first grade – a circular weaving made into a turtle.  This circular weaving was the shell of a felt turtle. I noticed that the teacher provided several opportunities for weaving and circular weaving.  I loved this […]