Walnut People

I first saw these sweet tiny folks in a Waldorf classroom.  They are super easy to make and provide wonderful play for a crisp Autumn day! You will need the following supplies:  a strong tacky glue, walnuts, acorn caps, 1 inch wooden balls with an 1/2 inch hole (I used what I had on hand […]

Creating A Native American Structure

This week my class built their own Native American home.  It was super easy.  What I love about this process is the ownership the children take in the process.  Here’s what we did:   I used a queen size flat sheet and water based markers.  I put out papers with Native American picture writing examples.  […]

Native American Unit in Switzerland

In 2005, I received a Fund for Teachers fellowship to travel to Europe to see early childhood classrooms.  I had the delight of spending a few days in a kindergarten in Winterthur, Switzerland.  They were studying the Native Americans.  Here are a few of their class projects.  The teacher had cut out border strips into […]

The Trading Post!

The Trading Post is open! Every November I open a trading post in my classroom.  I found a great character at a thrift store in Dillon, Colorado who I call Trader Joe.  He comes to my classroom with a box of nature treasures. Everyday until Thanksgiving break, Trader Joe opens his Trading Post in the […]

It’s the Handwriting Fairy!

I begin handwriting with a very special pencil!  It is quite a big deal.  I wait until October before formally introducing the pencil.  I tell the children that this is a special pencil that has a special way to hold it – the tripod grip!  I teach the proper pencil grip.  I do use a […]

Hand Sewing Like the Pilgrims

MATERIALS:  To sew with kindergarteners all you need are blunt tipped needles (found in the needlepoint section), burlap fabric, yarn and a marker to write the first initial of the student on the burlap. I used a paint pen to write the letter in white on the dark brown burlap.  I double threaded the needles […]