Block Habitat Constructions

Block play is so rich.  It can expand to include so many different kinds of constructions.  In my block center I have the following materials (in addition to the blocks):
  • large river rocks
  • moss covered “rocks” (floral department)
  • green grass (floral department – holds flower stems)
  • assorted silk flower and plant stems
  • small logs
  • large pinecones
  • fabric birds
  • plastic animals
  • large mats of wool felt for building –   it helps to define a self-contained construction – clear boundaries.
Here is a glimpse into one day’s constructions:
One student gathered a group of animals to feed on the grass.
Great work went into the creation of a “feeding place.”
The feeding of the animals continued for nearly 20 minutes.
Two other students built a flower garden for the birds.
 The birds rested on the rocks as the garden was arranged and re-arranged!
Houses were built for the animals to rest in after eating.

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  1. Laurel says:

    I love adding the greenery and flowers into the block area! Just another idea I will borrow!

  2. Sarah says:

    The block area in my class is the most creative place to be and is also filled with continued structures that are never ending. I have a wonderful group of children that love to build, create, and start again, add on, ask questions, tell stories, move on and re-build, and so on…
    However, this year a new addition entered the block area and it came from my students… they created a football area within a structure and asked to plant real grass for a field for the football characters to play in. They began to garden in the block area and groom the space of grass for just that within the play. They water the grass, cut it as it grows long, and it is a regular job now in the block area to maintain the grass. Next, they added an actual garden with real planted veggies & herbs that they water and take care of and also use within the block area play. I love this addition and enjoy seeing and smelling the grass fresh cut in winter when you are looking forward to Spring. All your senses are awaken… along with your students. Thank you!

    • Kristen Reece says:

      Sarah ,

      I would love to see photos of your block area ? It sounds so creative !

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