Block play is so rich.  It can expand to include so many different kinds of constructions.  In my block center I have the following materials (in addition to the blocks):
  • large river rocks
  • moss covered “rocks” (floral department)
  • green grass (floral department – holds flower stems)
  • assorted silk flower and plant stems
  • small logs
  • large pinecones
  • fabric birds
  • plastic animals
  • large mats of wool felt for building –   it helps to define a self-contained construction – clear boundaries.
Here is a glimpse into one day’s constructions:
One student gathered a group of animals to feed on the grass.
Great work went into the creation of a “feeding place.”
The feeding of the animals continued for nearly 20 minutes.
Two other students built a flower garden for the birds.
 The birds rested on the rocks as the garden was arranged and re-arranged!
Houses were built for the animals to rest in after eating.