Reggio Inspired: Chandeliers

The construction of chandeliers is a regular center in the Reggio Inspired classrooms.  The chandelier hangs in the room once it is complete. Two teachers I work with, Ms. Schouten and Ms. Winters, have some amazing chandeliers their children have constructed.

This is a chandelier center in progress.  The base of the chandelier typically hangs over the working surface.  If you look, you can see containers of beads beneath the bicycle wheel (so dang cool) that is the base of this chandelier.
A chandelier built on lattice wood.  I love the combination of white and clear beads.
 This one is built on an old lamp’s wire base.  Love it!
 Oh my word!  What fun!  A chandelier made on the wire base of an umbrella!!  Too cool!
 A chandelier built on a metal wire shelf.  I love the diversity of materials the children used for the dangling pieces.
 A chandelier constructed from a wicker lantern shaped basket.  Lovely.
 I have seen so many of these large flat baskets at garage sales.  Look how fabulously it works as a chandelier base!
Chandelier built on a branch.  Notice the pieces of lace woven into the beads.

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  1. Marnie says:

    Love this activity!!

  2. maya says:

    I am new to your website & I absolutely love it!! I am a pre K teacher and I would love to create chandeliers with my little ones. Can you tell me the why behind this Reggio inspired activity?

    • Sally says:

      Hi Maya!

      I love creating chandeliers for one super simple reason – the children absolutely love stringing beads and materials on the wire. It is an open-ended choice and the children love to sit and string. I also let them choose where to place their string of beads on the chandelier. I had one class that created 3 chandeliers in less than 45 days they were so into the process.

  3. Annika says:

    Hi this is so lovely! Can you explain how you introduce this idea of chandeliers to your students? I’m trying to understand how to help them take ownership of the activity, rather than “Today we are adding beads to this branch”.

    • Sally says:

      One of my favorite ways is to go on a nature walk to find a wonderful branch to hang in our classroom. Immediately this gives them ownership. We will gather several big pieces and take them back to our classroom to create hanging art.

      Next we brainstorm where it will hang. Once the children have voted and decided where – I will hang it! I like to spend several days on this stage so they really take ownership. “What kind of hanging shall it be? A friendship hanging? My Name hanging? What other ideas do you have?”

      Sometimes I will inquire what colors and things would they like to use for the hanging (if I have the funds to purchase) . . . .other times I just make a “buffet” of things to create on their wire based on the “purpose” we decided the hanging would have.

  4. Asiya says:

    Hello Sally,
    My family childcare home operates out of my loft (vaulted ceilings). So theres not a ladder I could get to reach so high. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,

    • analisa miro says:

      Hi Asiya, what about a wire from wall to wall (very strong wire). You could have several around the room in different directions.

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