The construction of chandeliers is a regular center in the Reggio Inspired classrooms.  The chandelier hangs in the room once it is complete. Two teachers I work with, Ms. Schouten and Ms. Winters, have some amazing chandeliers their children have constructed.

This is a chandelier center in progress.  The base of the chandelier typically hangs over the working surface.  If you look, you can see containers of beads beneath the bicycle wheel (so dang cool) that is the base of this chandelier.
A chandelier built on lattice wood.  I love the combination of white and clear beads.
 This one is built on an old lamp’s wire base.  Love it!
 Oh my word!  What fun!  A chandelier made on the wire base of an umbrella!!  Too cool!
 A chandelier built on a metal wire shelf.  I love the diversity of materials the children used for the dangling pieces.
 A chandelier constructed from a wicker lantern shaped basket.  Lovely.
 I have seen so many of these large flat baskets at garage sales.  Look how fabulously it works as a chandelier base!
Chandelier built on a branch.  Notice the pieces of lace woven into the beads.