Mystery Readers!

At Back to School Night – I always have a Mystery Reader Sign-up.  This is one of those ideas that if you aren’t doing it – you should start this year!  A Mystery Reader is a surprise visit from a family member (moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, etc).  They bring a favorite picture book to read.  One of my traditions is I always let the child sit next to the family member as they read.  It is such a grand moment!   I have had students from previous years come as Mystery Readers!

I like to set up a specific day and time period for Mystery Readers such as Fridays afternoons.  I write in the dates available on my sign-up form. (see below)  It is easier on my planning!  Next, I transfer the information from the sign-up form to my reminder slips.  I clip these on to my lesson plan pages – ready to go when it is time.

I will schedule only one Mystery Reader per Friday.   Here is a download of my Mystery Reader flyer and reminder slips:


A few of the amazing mystery readers from my classroom:

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  1. mrs. mindy says:

    I had Mystery Readers back when I taught First… loved it! It was such a great way to get families involved. Now that I am teaching two sessions of K I haven’t started back up again, it was just too overwhelming for me. However I now do a 12 days of Christmas and have Parents sign up to come and read a book the 12 days before we get out for Winter Break… they love it.

    • This is such a super idea! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing it. I love finding ways to include those things that are beloved and yet, can be overwhelming! What a gem!

    • Patti Smith says:

      What a cute idea!

      • Sally says:

        The children love it!

  2. Naiomi says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS, it adds something fresh to the school year!!

  3. Jaydine says:


    I was just wondering does the child who’s mum it is know they are the mystery reader? Or is it a surprise to them too?


    • Sally says:

      It is a surprise to them as well!!! So fun!

  4. Stacy G says:

    Do you ever have more requests than Fridays? Do you ask which book they would like to share so that you are not getting repeats?

    • Sally says:

      Yes – I always work with the parent’s schedules. I found it helps families commit to have a dedicated day – and that said I would try to accommodate any special days and times. I do not ask what book they are reading. In all the years I have done this – it never made a difference if a book was shared 2 or more times. They loved it the same the next time. A good read is a good read.

  5. I did Mystery Reader this year in 1st. I have the reader provide five clues as to who they are. Starting on Monday I read a clue each day to build excitement. The Mystery Reader comes in on the last Friday o the month. It can be really funny to hear their guesses. One student was convinced he was the Mystery Reader ????

    • Sally says:

      I love this!!! What a great idea! Do you have a form you use to have the Mystery Reader fill out to base your clues on? This so good! Thank you for sharing!

      • Francesca Kennedy says:

        Yes, I do have a form. They fill out the clues and send it back to me. I ask that the clues start out very generic and becme more specific by the last one.

        Here is an example from my last reader this year:

        I like sports
        My favorite food is pizza
        I have blue eyes
        I grew up on a farm
        I work in an airport

        • Kelly says:

          Where would I find that form?

          • Sally says:

            Hi! Did you see the blue “download” links? That should give you access to all of the documents. I think you and your class will LOVE having mystery readers!

  6. Gayle Forrester says:

    Mystery Readers, what a great idea. This would be a special way to hopefully have children be attentive when the story is being told.

  7. Laura Wilson says:

    Love this idea. I am posting the information today at each classroom to request “Mystery Readers”. Thanks for the downloads.

    • Sally says:

      The children really enjoy the buildup and excitement of “Mystery Readers.” I have to admit, I get excited, too!

  8. EThlyn Hays says:

    I love this very great for Fridays

    • Sally says:

      Fridays are a perfect day for mystery readers. I can’t wait to hear how it turns out for you!

  9. Tanina says:

    I had parent volunteers come in & read after recess when I taught elementary grades. It was wonderful!

  10. jeanette says:

    What a great idea! Thank for sharing, I’m going to include it for next year! I think the kids will love it!!!


  1. Who is that Mystery Reader?

    I love having “Mystery Readers” and it has been an important part of my classroom for years. There is

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