I love having “Mystery Readers” and it has been an important part of my classroom for years.  There is nothing more exciting to a student than to have a family member read to the class.   I did not think it could get any better until I started working with my co-teacher, Patty.  She has a wonderful addition to this timeless practice – hide the Mystery Reader behind a curtain!  We only see the shadow!  Too cool!!!


Students ask the Mystery Reader questions to try and guess — who is it??

The Mystery gives a thumbs up or down, shrugs, or nods their head to answer.

“Are you a girl?”

“Do you have a child here?”

“Is your favorite color red?”


I loved that this parent, Lindsay, brought Skippy Jones to make the shadows so much fun!!!

After the questioning, the students chant, “Mystery Reader, Mystery Reader, Please come out!”


My favorite part of the process will always be the all important reading.

Parent involvement in the literacy process is crucial to a child's success.  I love the pressure parents receive to be a “mystery reader.”  I love reading as the prime time activity in the classroom.  So rich!

This moments are priceless!

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