Wow.  I love how social media connects us.  The Orchard School in Plano, Texas saw the hopes and dreams project for families on our Instagram and brought a new spin to it.

They made a Faculty Hopes and Dreams hanging! Something that would be incredible if we all did this!

Thank you to the teachers and staff at The Orchard School for sharing and inspiring us today!

Hopes and Dreams featuring The Orchard School

The Story

Tuesday September 5, 2017 was Professional Development day for the teachers at The Orchard School.

The management team follow Fairy Dust Teaching and often share content and ideas with the staff as they feel inspired and aligned.  On this particular PD day, they created a branch that represents their hopes and dreams for the school year.

It currently hangs over the front office and will serve as a daily reminder and visual representation of the manifestations they want for the school year as well as the intentional teachers they strive to be.

They communicated how grateful they are for the online community they have which gives the opportunity to learn from and share with each other.

Hopes and Dreams featuring The Orchard School

Hopes and Dreams featuring The Orchard School
Beads, tassles, ribbons, butterfly buttons, just a few loose parts they utilized.

Hopes and Dreams featuring The Orchard School
Inspiring words to showcase and be reminded by as everyone enters the building.

Hopes and Dreams featuring The Orchard School
Everyone has a voice and sets the tone for families and children in the school.

The Orchard School

They serve children 6 weeks through pre-kindergarten at The Orchard School. The Orchard School is unique in that they are a Certified Green Business with several LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications.  This means that their school was built using strategies aimed at using locally sourced/sustainable products, reducing energy & water usage, promoting better indoor air quality, minimizing environmental pollution & waste, and improving quality of life.

They teach environmental responsibility with their gardening, composting, and recycling programs.  From planting, nurturing and harvesting vegetables and herbs from their very own garden, students learn ways to use what they have to get what we need.

Students create sustainable habits that carry on into adulthood by separating trash from recycling, reducing waste, and creatively reusing classroom materials.

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Comment below with other ways you collaborate and cultivate your own wonder and curiosity as a teaching staff and let’s remember this year that we are better together!