Beginnings of Ablaze Christian Academy's Infant/Toddler Classrooms

I had the phenomenal opportunity to tour and photograph one truly incredible teacher who now is the director of Ablaze Christian Academy in Tulsa, OK. They serve 0-5 year old children in an emergent curriculum setting. It is a brand new school, and I’m so excited to watch the journey and transformation that will take place in this school and these classrooms!

Let’s take a look at the where the itty bitty ones will be and the inspiring attributes of these rooms today! The images are from multiple Infant and Toddler Classrooms 0-2 years old.

A light area with 1-2 year olds..third-teacher-infant-toddler-classroom

Something that I love to see with babies is all the exploration and floor time within the room. Less time in bouncers and such and more time discovering their world, interacting with other infants and adults and having a calm environment to do that.

Loose Parts

It’s also important to note that while loose parts are an integral part for any age, we need to be mindful of safety for babies and toddlers and choose wisely the size of materials put out.





Mall Displays!

Who would have known that the displays and decor in malls in some stores get recycled or tossed!  These can be a great resource for teachers! These beautiful yellow pieces that are a great visual for toddlers and babies, came from a store front display in the mall!




More store front displays in the infant rooms. Those wooden toys are so versatile and add to that natural environment already started.


Art is present and available! This is an important reminder that we are honoring the children from a young age and providing experiences to let them play. We are telling them to explore, create, and use your curiosity!  Note the clay!



What an incredible environment that is just beginning!! We are excited to see when staff gets in there and when children come and the magic is unleashed in the classrooms. Stay tuned for our next blog where we step inside the beginning environments of 3 to 5 year olds here!