I am incredibly excited to share a peek into an incredible Reggio Inspired Classroom. This is Nammi's Classroom. She is a teacher at  Educare. 

Her classroom is for 3 to 4 year olds.  It is the end of the year for her, so you will notice how the children, documentation, and exquisite details have truly been transformed. 

I am a big believer in bringing nature indoors.  It transforms spaces.  As you look at Nammi's space – take note of the number of indoor plants, branches and other nature items you see.  .  .


Reggio inspired classroom

Reggio inspired classroom - light tables

Lighting creates an environment of calmness and magic.  Notice the four sources of light:  the lamp, the projector, the light tables and overhead lighting.

Reggio inspired classroom - calmness and magic

Welcome area sets the tone for children, families, and visitors. Notice how the branch with twinkle lights becomes a gorgeous focal point of wonder.

Reggio inspired classroom

A cozy corner with a lamp and strings of twinkle lights.  The seating also provides space for child to lay down when not feeling well.    

I love the Community Photo collage in black and white.  It gives a softer and gentler background.

Light & Shadow

Notice how Nammi used two light tables with a small side table in-between to hold the overhead projector?

Reggio inspired classroom - light table

 There are step stools available for children to sit upon or stand on as they create in this center.

Science Center

Reggio inspired classroom - science center

A small corner is transformed into a vibrant science corner with a little table and chairs and two simple shelves.

Reggio inspired classroom

Assorted kitchen scales for children to weigh rocks, shells, and other found nature items.

So easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores.

Reggio inspired classroom

The student's interest in bugs is so beautifully documented in the science center.

Construction Center

Reggio inspired classroom - construction center

A wooden spool on a soft carpet sets the stage for building and constructions.

Reggio inspired classroom

A peg board provides great vertical organization and display of construction center resources and materials.

Note the clip with photos of previous constructions for student inspiration!

Reggio inspired classroom - loose parts storage

A rich variety of loose parts for construction stored in baskets with photo labels.   Photo labels help children return things to their original container.  Notice the recycled materials on the left side of the shelving.

Dramatic Play Center

Reggio inspired classroom - dramatic play center

A child's size picnic table with an umbrella is used for the table.  Note the picnic basket sitting next to the table ready with other utensils and materials.

Reggio inspired classroom - dramatic play center

Wooden bowls, copper mugs and wood cookies set the table.

Reggio inspired classroom - dramatic play center

Loose parts become food or whatever the children can imagine!

Reggio inspired classroom - dramatic play centerOld food cans and children's appliances become rich play materials.   Note that these were opened with a special can opener that does not leave a sharp edge.

Art Center

Reggio inspired classroom - art center

Take notice the organization from baskets to tin cans to plastic cups and even a tape holder

Reggio inspired classroom - art center

Cheap drinking glasses provide color sorted storage for crayons and colored pencils.

Reggio inspired classroom - art center

An old wooden Coca Cola box serves as a painting station.

In our next blog post – we will take a deeper look at the details of Nammi's room!

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