When I decided to attend a NAEYC session on sewing with young children – I had no idea I would walk into a session with an author I love!

6188fsnxftl-_sx258_bo1204203200_In her book “Sewing School: 21 Sewing Projects Kids Will Love to Make” I had adored the simple but highly engaging projects like the Superhero Cuff and the Wonder Wallet for my kindergartners.  It was an inspiration to my commitment to providing the powerhouse of hand work.

Here is the thing.  In early childhood, children are building their capacity to use their fingers and hands through a variety of activities.  I have found hand sewing to be one of those activities that captured children.  Why?  Because it is meaningful work.  They are creating something that will be used and kept.

In my opinion, hand sewing is a super food for developing young readers and writers because it develops not only fine motor skills but the eyes as well.

Okay.  Back to sitting in the conference room at NAEYC.  

I was excited, but let me tell you, when Amie shared the literacy based projects she had developed over the years – I was blown away!  Literacy based hand sewing?!  Now we are talking the green smoothies of fine motor skills!

Take a look at these amazing projects!

Book:  My Apron by Eric Carle

Project:  An Apron!!  Children simply sew on the pockets!  The most important part of the apron.  The place where treasures are tucked away!


Book:  Tooth Fairy's First Night by Anne Bowen

Project:  A Tooth Fairy Pillow!  This is fairy dust!


Book:  The Mitten by Jan Brett

Project: A Mitten!  I love how Amie finds simple materials to use for children's success!


Book:  The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Project:  A Stuffed Rainbow Fish with an adaptation for the younger ones!

Amie has the process of teaching hand sewing down – the routines, how to manage a class of sewing students, the best projects for student success.  And I am so thrilled she will be sharing her fairy dust in the 2017 Winter Conference! Warning. Her passion for sewing with children is contagious!