When I went to photograph at Rosa Parks recently, I noticed some peculiar documentation panels which seemed to show empathy for the Big Bad Wolf. I asked the classroom's teachers about this and they confirmed my suspicions. Upon hearing the age old story of the Three Little Pigs, the children in the classroom wondered why the Wolf was so angry. They set about thinking of ways to make him happier, thus solving the issue of the Big Bad Wolf.


“Whenever children say “let's pretend”, a new landscape of possibilities for learning is revealed. When children pretend, they try on new feelings, roles and ideas. They stretch their minds along with their imaginations”. -Curtis & Carter

Cozy Covers. Warm Wolf.


Naturally the children began discussing what makes them happy. This would help them decide what might make the wolf happy. The children theorized that cozy covers would make for a warm wolf; thus, a nice wolf.

Designing a Blanket for the Big Bad Wolf.


A blanket is often a source of comfort for children. This class of 3 to 4 year olds chose to design a blanket for the Big Bad Wolf in the hopes it might comfort him.

 Full Belly. Happy Wolf.


The children also surmised that when they are fed, they are happy.  This must be true for the wolf as well so they set about creating “food” for the wolf out of clay and loose parts.

Games and Gifts for the Wolf.


Not many things make a child happier than playing games and receiving gifts. Therefore, the children made games and gifts for the Wolf!

Musical Melodies. Dancing Wolf.


Finally, the children participate in a music enrichment class each week. They love music and dancing so much that they decided this would make the wolf happy as well. They created musical instruments for the wolf using various loose parts.


Children never seize to amaze me. Their view of the world is untainted, innocent, and empathetic.  I was blown away by the compassion these children felt for the wolf and the way they set about to change his world in order to make him a little kinder. I wish everyone showed as much kindness for others as this class did for the Big Bad Wolf.