Invitation to Build a Turkey Fairy Dust Teaching

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and my little turkeys are super excited! I set up a simple invitation to build a turkey to keep them engaged this weekend while I got caught up on some much needed preparation for the upcoming holiday.


The Provocation

I used homemade Playdough that we made a few months ago and natural loose parts that we gathered from our yard. I found these frames at a friend's move-in sale a few years ago so I snagged them for free. A quick coat of spray paint and voila! They are a beautiful and easy way to define the work spaces.


The Process


The 6 year old used the computer to look up pictures of turkeys…


while the little one worked hard pressing leaves into his Playdough. He's building his fine motor and hand/eye coordination!


After getting a better idea of what he wanted to build, Ethan used scissors to cut the loose parts down to size. He's using his problem solving and ingenuity. 


The Creations

As with all projects, I value the process over the product. These adorable turkeys stayed together for all of about 3 minutes before they were dismantled and rebuilt. That, to me, is the beauty of using loose parts. They are so versatile and can be reused over and over in a variety of ways.




This activity engaged the boys for quite a while. I was able to get a lot of cleaning done while they were creating and recreating. It was a win-win for all! They enjoyed this so much that I may set out the materials for all the kiddos to enjoy at our Thanksgiving get together!

What is your favorite activity to engage the kiddos during this busy holiday season?