Offering children flexible seating choices can be a great way to make the classroom environment more cozy and home-like. Let's take a look at flexible seating in a Reggio-Inspired school.


What is Flexible Seating?

Flexible seating is simply offering students multiple choices of where and how to sit in the classroom.

Traditionally, classrooms are supplied with desks and/or tables and chairs. However, with flexible seating, the students are offered pillows, cushioned stools, bean bag type chairs, or alternative seating to sit in.

Let's take a look at some cozy flexible seating areas created at Rosa Parks ECEC.



Cushions and pillows make this corner super cozy.



Cushy pillows on top of a pallet make this bead and wire area a comfy place to work.



Simple throw pillows and a soft rug add softness to this light table center.


Cushioned Stools


Cushioned stools and a couple of throw pillows are offered in this writing center.



Students can sit on padded wire spools and tree stumps in this bead and wire center.


Bean Bag Type Chairs


This cozy corner features a child sized soft chair and throw pillows.



Alternative Seating


At this center, the children can sit on tree stumps or pillows.





In this meeting corner, children are offered recycled pallet seats to sit on while they chat or read a book.



Children may choose to sit at this cozy table to work as well.



In this writing center, children are offered a rocking chair or a desk to work at.



This library nook offers children a variety of seating options with padded stools, pillows, and a child-sized soft chair.

Do you offer flexible seating?

What is one area of your classroom you feel you could implement flexible seating in?

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