During the FREE Live Webinar, Loose Parts! Provocations! Oh My!, I noticed a lot of questions about how to store loose parts. Today I want to share 12 ideas with you for loose parts storage!


These ideas come from the amazing Reggio-Inspired school, Rosa Parks ECEC!

The best part? Most of these can be found either lying around your house or at your local dollar store!


#1 Muffin tins 

Who doesn't have a few of these lying around? They make for great loose parts storage and sorting!

#2 Relish trays  

Did you take home Aunt Meg's famous artichoke dip at the last family get together? Great news! That relish tray can be reused for storing loose parts!


#3 Sectioned Wood Boxes or Trays  

These types of trays are so versatile!


#4 Wine Racks 

Need a new idea for that wine rack that is collecting dust? How about storing fabric used as loose parts in it?


#5 Cookie Tins

Did you get a ton of cookie tins over the holidays or find some in the bargain bin in January? They are wonderful for storing loose parts!


#6 Baby Food Jars

Will they ever stop thinking of ways to reuse these little wonders?


#7 Clear Plastic Cups and Bowls

You can stock up on these for super cheap, so why not?


#8 Peg Boards 

I must admit, I would have never thought of this on my own, but peg boards can store so many things!

#9 Tin Cans  

These are the fancy kind with handles and everything! I was never above reusing the green bean can from the night before to throw beads or buttons in!


#10 Baskets and Bins  

This one is pretty obvious and probably the go-to storage for most people. I suggest hitting the garage sales and resale stores for these! Don't be afraid to play the “teacher card” to get them for  a steal!


#11 Old Drawers 

Decided to throw out that old rickety dresser, but hate to waste the drawers? Reuse them in your classroom to store loose parts!


#12 Large Tin Bins

These shiny beauties are perfect for storing outdoor loose parts finds!

For more storage ideas, follow Fairy Dust Teaching's Pinterest Board: Reggio Elements ~ Storage

Which storage idea did you find most helpful?

What ideas would you add for storing loose parts?