This week I was reviewing The Art of Loose Parts Master Workshop and  had to share some of the amazing loose parts.   Most of these can be had for a very economical price or free! The best loose parts or repurposed materials.   Construction sites and companies, ReStore (Habitat for Humanity), junk stores, asking the families are some of the best sources.


Look at all of the rich and varied loose parts on this shelf! Cardboard tubes, carpet squares, pvp piping, tiles, wood cookies, empty wood frames!  So many possibilities!


I think wood “cookies” of all sizes are must haves!


Wood knobs, door knobs, knobs of all kinds provide rich additions to constructions.


Corks are king in the loose parts world. They are light weight and have many uses in building!


This metal container is filled with all kinds of treasures!


White cardboard mailing tubes are magic in construction center. Find the right source and you can get them free!


Seashells. Big ones, small ones. They add so much!


Wood flooring tiles!! Big flooring slats make great ramps!


Small PVP piping can be used in so many ways!


I love this construction center! look at all of the loose parts! Ahh!

I have put together a free Loose Parts Master Checklist. Click here to download the Checklist. This is a great list for brainstorming new loose parts!