The St. Louis Teachers' Recycle Center, Inc. is an incredible resource for teachers. What is it, you ask? It is a place where all things “teachery” come to wait for their classroom home.


If you are like me, you are always reusing items from around your house in your classroom. Things from jar lids to paper towel tubes to baskets. This store collects those types of items on a much larger scale from personal and corporate donors. You may then pay a Service Fee at approximately $1.00/pound for the items.


That's right you get 10 pounds of those golden little classroom nuggets for only $10!


If you pay a service fee of $100 ($10 registration + $90 pass), then you have just earned yourself 125 pounds worth of material that you can gather as you need and the pounds are simply deducted from your running tab. That's a lot of beads, buttons, and bottle caps!


There were so many items to choose from that it was difficult to decide what to photograph.


As any crafty hoarder-such as myself-knows,


you will need to plan for ample digging time to find the hidden gems.


There was fabric galore at this store!


To visit their website click here.


To visit their Facebook page click here.


If that wasn't enough, they have this amazing art studio called Play Your Art Out Studio ~A Place to Play, Wonder, & Discover the Art of Being You~where they use some of the items from the store for art projects for the public! You can visit that website here.

What an amazing resource.

Why does Oklahoma not have one of these yet? Who's with me on establishing one?