all around child cover

I had the pleasure of taking a tour through All Around Child, a beautiful Reggio-Inspired preschool in Overland Park, KS. This school serves children 6 weeks to 6 years. I was so impressed with this school that I took way too many pictures to put into one post. This will be a glimpse into the common areas and hallways of the schools.


This lovely fairy garden was right outside the front door so I knew I was about to enter someplace magical. Upon entering, I was greeted with an environment rich with evidence of children's learning and presence.


These are the children's dishes for tea parties that they have access to in the common area. How amazing is this?


This is the 3-5 year old's hallway lined with documentation. The Starry Night umbrella and decorated bicycle wheels give it a whimsical feel. Notice the signs hanging above the classrooms. These are the class names that the children helped create.


This is a piano that the children painted at one of their art celebration days. This piano is in the music common area so the children may use it at music time.


The common music area where students may either come and take instruments to play or their class will come together and play music in this area.


This is a glimpse of their beautiful light and shadow room. The picture really does not do it justice. I did not want to leave this room.


Another picture of the light and shadow room. The light tables here are just old ballasts that they did not want to throw away so they re-purposed them. Brilliant!


This is the ceiling of their large gathering area near the middle of the school. I love the use of twinkling lights here. It really gave the area a softer feel.


This is a cozy little nook in the corner of the gathering area. Inside the cabinets are place settings and other decorations that the children may come to get if they want to have a “fancy” lunch while they are dining family style in their classrooms.


The Atelier.


As I was leaving, I spotted this little gem. This is a recycled plastic bottle chandelier that students past had made and it is still hanging in the entry. I really fell in love with this school and I can't wait to share the magic that is going on inside the classrooms and outside on the playground! You won't believe how cool it is! Stay tuned.