Waldorf Doll Handwork Homeschool


In a small village in the north of France (not far from the ocean), lives a little girl in a big buttercream house. She has blue eyes, pink cheeks & long blonde braids.

Every day she dances & sings as she plays happily in the garden. When it is cold or wet, she stays indoors by the fire reading her books or playing with her dolls.

Handwork Homeschool how to make a waldorf doll

I am one of her dolls. My name is Miss Arabella Doll. I came to live with her on her 5th birthday & I love her as much as she loves me.

Handwork Homeschool Making a Waldorf Doll

Often, she holds me tight & tells me her dreams. She hopes to be a princess one day.

making a waldorf doll Handwork Homeschool

Sometimes, she dresses me up warmly & takes me for a walk to “get some air”.

My little girl likes to design special outfits for me like scarves & skirts. She’s hoping to learn more about sewing so that she can create a wonderful dress like the one Cinderella wears to the ball.

Handwork Homeschool Making a Waldorf Doll

Her Mama makes me clothes, too. She knits me sweaters & hats. My wardrobe is getting bigger all the time! My girl changes my clothes almost as often as she changes her own.

Once in a while, she pretends to give me a bath (luckily, she’s never really put me in the water because I don’t think I’d like that) & she usually remembers to put me to bed.

fire round

Not too long ago, my girl’s Mama decided to bring another doll into our family. Her name is Miss Brighit Doll. She looks a bit like me but has long, bright hair that reaches all the way to her feet! My little girl says that it is red because she is Irish. We both think it is very pretty & fun to make into different hairstyles. Her eyes are sea blue almost turquoise.

Her favourite thing to do is sit by the fire & fingerknit.

Making a Waldorf Doll Handwork Homeschool

We’ve become the best of friends & like to have elegant tea parties. Sometimes, we get to eat at the breakfast table with everybody else. We even visited Paris with our little girl & her family!

Dolls like us have been made by Mama’s for their children for years & years! Long before there were toy stores, many children had a special doll to love & care for. Mama’s understood that looking after us taught their children how to love & care for others.

We hope more Mama’s & other special people who love children, will make more & more dolls. Every child needs a doll – made with love in every stitch.

two girls


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