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The following photos are from the classrooms at my school. My colleagues have created such glorious spaces.  I am going to post a series of elements. Today's element is lighting.  There are two main types of lighting in today's photos – twinkle lights and lamps.  Twinkle lights add a layer of magic and wonder.  It is a splash of  etheric joy.   Lamps cast a warmth and cozy feeling.

Lighting at the top of the bookshelves with carefully selected branches in my first grade classroom.


Jenni's umbrella chandelier.


Patty's Reading Corner.


Krista's wall of lights in her library center.


My Hopes and Dreams Tree – waiting to be imbued with crystal beads and stars.


Tina's wall of lights in her Art Studio.


Jenni's warm light at the arrival table.


Jennifer's light over the library center.


Jennifer's twinkle lights.




Crystal's twinkle lights in housekeeping.


Patty's twinkle lights in housekeeping.

How do you use lighting in your classroom to expand and build atmosphere?

IMPORTANT:  Be sure to check with your local and state fire codes and regulations on what you are allowed to hang and where.  We invited a local firefighter to help us determine what was safe.  Always choose the safest string lights – those designed not to heat up (because they are used on live trees).  I buy flame retardant and spray it on all draping fabrics.



You might also be interested in the article “Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Environment for Curiosity and Wonder“.


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