I just had to share a peek into the Inspire school in Taos, New Mexico. Inspire is a Reggio inspired bilingual child care.


As you walk up to the front door – there is chicken wire running along side the railing with children's and adult's weaving.  So beautiful!


Here is a weaving wave on the porch.  (Photo from Inspire Facebook).


In the art studio ~ there were shelves for material in each color of the rainbow.  I loved how there were yarns, paint, straws, chalk and even a color animal!  So artsy!


This was the best idea!  A cork board wall (painted that New Mexico sky blue!) with cardboard tubes and thumb tacks.  What a great marble or tennis ball run!

Inspire school 1

These fellows were working together to create their tracks.  I like the wooden step stool so they could build the track with some height!


This display caught my eye because of the door mirror that had been used as a painting surface.   What a cool idea.   Let the children paint the mirror and then display it.   Then you can wash off the paint and start over!


I love these tire planters filled with flowers!  So beautiful!  (photo from Inspire Facebook).

inspire school2

Finally – in the backyard of the school was a tire wall.   I love recycled environments!

Thank you to the staff of Inspire for so graciously welcoming myself and my colleagues into their space!  A special thank you to Taylor for her passion in sharing the magic of Reggio.