Last month I had the pleasure of attending the Boulder Journey School Conference.  It was a wonderful, thought-provoking gathering.  I highly recommend this conference for an enriching professional development experience.  (And the thrift stores in Boulder are amazing!)

I was taken back by the gorgeous environments.  I wanted to share a few glimpses into this beautiful school.


I thought this was such a dynamic art making space.  I love the diversity of materials and the display of the work.


The school created number cards by taking photos of the children's fingers!


This is a room for the little ones.  There is a big cardboard car in the middle of the room for their current investigation.  Love it!


I loved the texture in this space – the branch with little lanterns, the wood boards with plants in mason jars, the tall thin sticks in the pot in the corner, the green plants, flowers on the table – and how it felt so warm and comforting.


What a great way to bring plants into the classroom.


This is the school art studio.  It is so fresh and full of vitality.  I adore the projection on the wall amongst all of the art making.


Another magical space!  I love the white lanterns and draping.   There are water bottles in the window with graduated colors of the rainbow.  So beautiful as the light hit.


There is the coolest sand table under the canopy:


For more information about this treasure, and to keep an eye on next year's conference – go to

A big thank you to all of the teachers of BJS for the gracious and warm welcome into your classrooms.  It was so inspiring!