I must admit. I am sooooo lucky. I work in a school where my colleagues are striving to bring amazing educational environments. Jennifer Dean, a kindergarten teacher, has created pure magic in her classroom. I just had to share!  Let’s go take a peek. . .

IMG_600Loose parts in the Math Center —  I love how beautifully Jennifer presented these.

IMG_5458Here is a view of the math center and the table with the loose parts.

IMG_5501A math activity tray.  Weight.

IMG_5460Jen did the coolest thing with her light table.  You can’t see it in this photo – but hold on – I am going to show you!

IMG_5461She has cups with a-z letter tiles.


She has a ring of sight words on the light table.


And the children use the tiles to create the sight words.  So smart!


IMG_5487See the light table in the back of this photo?  And check out the mason jar that is hanging in the foreground.  It has a fish.  So beautiful!

IMG_5488This is one of the art shelves.  Notice the foil sculpture on top of the shelf?

IMG_5482What a great idea – the children can wrap nature items in foil and create sculptures.

IMG_5509Construction Center.  Love all of the different natural logs.

IMG_5521Lovely invitation to study these bugs. . .



IMG_5525Look at all of those wonderful cylinders for blocks!!  Love.

IMG_5533It is clear the classroom agreements have an important role in the classroom.

Thank you Jennifer for sharing this amazing room!

Part Two coming soon!