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I must admit. I am sooooo lucky. I work in a school where my colleagues are striving to bring amazing educational environments. Jennifer Dean, a kindergarten teacher, has created pure magic in her classroom. I just had to share!  Let's go take a peek. . .

Loose parts in the Math Center —  I love how beautifully Jennifer presented these.

Here is a view of the math center and the table with the loose parts.

A math activity tray.  Weight.

Jen did the coolest thing with her light table.  You can't see it in this photo – but hold on – I am going to show you!

She has cups with a-z letter tiles.


She has a ring of sight words on the light table.


And the children use the tiles to create the sight words.  So smart!

See the light table in the back of this photo?  And check out the mason jar that is hanging in the foreground.  It has a fish.  So beautiful!

This is one of the art shelves.  Notice the foil sculpture on top of the shelf?

What a great idea – the children can wrap nature items in foil and create sculptures.

Construction Center.  Love all of the different natural logs.

Lovely invitation to study these bugs. . .



Look at all of those wonderful cylinders for blocks!!  Love.

It is clear the classroom agreements have an important role in the classroom.

Thank you Jennifer for sharing this amazing room!



You might also be interested in the article “Things to Consider When Setting Up Your Environment for Curiosity and Wonder“.


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