This is my current identity panel.   I love it!


I found this really great screen door at a local antique mall.


I like to set up the Bead & Wire Center with a mat at each spot.  I prepare the wires by placing a bead at the end of the wire (see photo below).  I place one at each spot.  It is like an invitation.  I  found a great wooden turntable for the beads.


I love the beauty of the beads waiting to be used.


I poked the children's self-portrait on to the wire.  Next, each child filled their wire with beads.


Each child had the freedom to add a many or few beads as they wished.  Bead & Wire is a great fine motor activity.


Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the self-portrait process.  The children drew their self-portraits with pencils.  We traced the drawings with a sharpie.   Then, the self-portraits were mounted on black paper. (Finished size is about 5″ x 5″).


I attached each self-portrait to the screen by sticking the wire through the screen and securing it with another bead.


It looks so gorgeous!